Once you go green, you can’t go back. Clean eating and green living are increasing in popularity, not only among celebrities, but many women around the world have embraced this kind of lifestyle. The term “green beauty” is connected with products that use ingredients sourced from land or sea. It’s all about using products that are not harmful to our health and the planet as well. There are certain principles one must stick to in order to keep that balance. And If you’re curious enough to explore the green side too, here are some tips on how to green up your morning beauty routine.

Charcoal magic

The time is just perfect to include charcoal into your diet or a beauty regimen. Many health food stores sell it in the juice form and it’s also an ingredient in many skincare products. Due to its detoxifying properties, charcoal has long been used in emergency rooms to treat overdoses. But, its benefits are more than that. Charcoal is known to reduce bloating, help with acne and whiten teeth. It has numerous body benefits because it improves heart health and alleviates stomach aches.

As for the beauty part, charcoal is a lifesaver because it can bring pore-clogging particles to the surface and make them easier to remove. Your skin gets cleaner, smoother, and the pores are less visible. If you want to get your own dose of charcoal maybe you should give a chance to an activated charcoal lemonade. It’s made with four simple ingredients: lemon, lavender, activated charcoal and honey. It tastes exactly like a regular lemonade but only with low calories and low sugar properties. It’s a healthy replacement for high-sugar lemonades and it’s perfect for those who want to get rid of body toxins.

Keep your gorgeous face clean

Not only is important to remove makeup before bedtime, but it’s also of great importance to clean our face in the morning. There’s a wide range of healthy products and natural skincare brandsto choose from, and it’s never too late to create your own beauty regime. The best way to start your day with a fresh face is to use a foaming cleanser. Foaming cleansers are known for removing dirt, impurities and traces of makeup. And who doesn’t want to leave home with a glowy and hydrated face?

What you put inside reflects on the outside

Using clean beauty products isn’t enough. In order to maintain your green user status, you have to buy the right groceries and prepare your own meals and snacks. There are so many amazing natural and organic options in your local grocery store. Once you’ve created a list it’s easier to make healthy decisions, and stick to the healthy eating pattern. To enjoy a super delish meal, you can use sliced organic envy apples and add them to yogurt and granola with some salt and cinnamon. For the cheese lovers, you could try some dairy-free cream cheese spread that goes well on toast, tacos and in sandwiches. This quick snack is great for those who don’t have time to eat before work. For yummy gluten-free homemade nachos, grab a bag of some dairy-free shredded cheese and voila!

Picture perfect skin

For a perfectly hydrated and smooth skin texture, you can make some incredible DIY masks that help you treat acne and have anti-aging effects. Oatmeal face mask with honey, strawberries and yoghurt is the ultimate tool for a refreshed face. Oatmeal happens to be a gentle and mild exfoliator and it also heals itchy skin conditions. Honey is full of antioxidants and it binds moisture into our skin. It helps to absorb impurities and dirt while hydrating it. Strawberries are rich in vitamin C and are known to tighten and brighten the complexion. Yogurt evens out our skin tone and it contains enzymes and lactic acid that soothes and hydrates our skin. Make a mixture of these 4 ingredients and leave it for 20-30 minutes.

Green tea matcha mask

To get that red carpet glow and radiance, use this ancient secret to skincare. The green tea leaves are antioxidant-rich natural resources and make our skin healthy. It’s also great for fine wrinkles, acne and evening out the skin tone.

If you go for any of these products, be sure they are 100% natural and your skin is in no danger whatsoever.