We all want to have beautiful and young looking skin. We spend tons of money on over the counter creams and serums that promise not just to reverse the signs of aging but to stop the aging process altogether. We save up for expensive treatments and surgeries designed to make it look decades younger. Well, those of us who can afford these things do this.

Not everybody is lucky enough to be able to afford those expensive products and procedures. But guess what: you don’t really need them. Having great looking skin is something that anybody can accomplish even when they have to operate within the confines of a very strict budget. Do you want proof? Here are some tips to help you have amazing looking skin without dropping a week’s pay at the spa.

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Stay Hydrated

You know that you need to drink plenty of water every day to keep the inside of your body lubricated and functioning properly. The same is true for your skin! Dehydrated peoples’ skin tends to take on a dry and craggy appearance.

Where most people tend to go wrong is in thinking that they should only be hydrating their skin from the inside. This is untrue! While it’s true that a properly hydrated body generally looks healthier than one that is dehydrated, it is also important to apply moisture to the skin directly. This means that, at minimum, you should be showering or taking a bath every day. It is also good to apply a cream or oil based moisturizer (foam moisturizers actually dry out your skin).

Eating Properly

You are what you consume. People who drink massive amounts of coffee, soda, booze and who eat a lot of junk and processed foods tend to have problematic skin. Opt instead for a simple, natural and healthy diet. Eat plenty of fish (they contain those awesome omega-3s that help fight against inflammation and help preserve the collagen that keeps your skin healthy and lively looking), fresh veggies, fruits and nuts. Stir some flaxseed oil into your morning smoothies or your yogurt for a skin-enhancing boost.

There are also some scientists who say that eating a little bit of dark chocolate every day is good for your skin. There is even a chocolate bar currently being mass produced that some scientists promise will reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Healthy Skin

Everybody already knows that one of the tenets of having good skin is having clean skin. Washing your entire body at least once per day is incredibly important to the overall health of your skin. To really help skin stay supple and smooth, look for soaps and lotions that are made for your skin type (oily, dry, normal). It’s also important to look for soaps that moisturize because, unlike other soaps, these will leave a layer of moisture on your skin that helps preserve your skin’s natural oils instead of stripping them away and leaving your skin vulnerable.

While we’re talking about bathing, it is also important to develop a good skin care routine and to make that routine a habit. Your shower or bath is just one component of that!

It is also important to regularly do a skin “checkup” where you look for moles and skin tags. If you find anything new or notice that something about your skin has changed, get it checked out by a doctor. Most of the time you can use over the counter mole removal products and natural skin tag removers to rid yourself of these blemishes, but always have them examined by a doctor, just in case!

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What kind of article would this be if we didn’t mention sunscreen? One of the main tenets of skin care is that you keep your skin out of the sun as much as possible. Light layers of clothing will work on most of your body. For exposed skin, however, you’re going to need a good sunscreen. The best sunscreens can be a little bit expensive, but ounce per ounce, they do the best job of protecting your skin from the sun’s harmful rays.

Chemicals Are the Enemy

When in doubt, always opt for natural products unless otherwise instructed by your doctor. If you’re worried about the cost of natural skin care products, relax! You can make your own cleansers and moisturizers at home using ingredients you probably have in your fridge and cupboards–and for a fraction of what you’d spend for something bottled.

The point is this: there is no real magic formula to having perfect looking skin, save for this: the key to perfect skin is to work hard to have healthy skin.