This is a sponsored post created in partnership with Purina. However, I used their products prior to this arrangement & voice only my true & honest opinions. Nothing Beats coming home from a hard day to the no holds barred love and and excitement of a dog. They help melt away the troubles of the day because they just live and love in the moment. Much like small children. It’s very hard not to smile and be happy in the presence of such unbridled joy. Man’s best friend, are exactly that. They are there with their head on your lap when you are sad . They run till they, or you, drop when your happy. You get up early, they get up early. You sleep in, you know the rest. So it only make sense to take care of them as they hit their senior years. They’ve always been there for you. Now it’s your turn to return the favor and help them stay by your side for the long haul.


Keep Your Best Bud At The Top Of His Game

  • Exercise: An object in motion stays in motion. This concept is very important for our best friends, and us as well. The exercise doesn’t need to be anything crazy. Just some daily walks with the occasional trip to a dog park will keep you both feeling good.
  • Love and Affection: The emotional health of our furry friends can affect their physical health as well. So be sure to love on them every chance you get.
  • Proper Diet: A good diet is always important. But it’s super important for dogs over the age of seven. After a seven, chemical change begin that will affect cognitive abilities. Purina Pro Plan has  introduced BRIGHT MIND Adult 7+ to aid in the battle of keeping our companions their sharpest.


While the physical manifestations of age on our dogs is visible, what the keepers of the canine often can’t see is the cognitive failures. Until it’s too late. After age seven, there are metabolic changes in a dogs brain. This can affect memory awareness and decision making skills. Researchers at Purina have found through extensive research that fatty acids from botanical oils in addition to glucose in their diet can improve functionality in these areas for dogs over seven. To introduce this product and raise awareness for the health of our oldest of friends Pro Plan hosted the Pro Plan BRIGHT MIND 7+ clubhouse. A senior dog appreciation and adoption event in New York City on June 9th, during National Pet Appreciation Week. Share your stories and pictures of your senior friends, and what make them great on your social channels with #MySeniorDog and tags @ProPlan and purina will donate 1 pound of BRIGHT MIND to the Pro Plan Rally to Rescue network to aid adoptable senior dogs nationwide. Learn more about Pro Plan and share your stories and photos at Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Check out the event and make your donations at #MySeniorDog.
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How has your oldest four legged friend given you happiness?


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