Sometimes, when it comes to home projects like installing a new big screen tv, we try to do it ourselves; however, once is all said and done, it ends up looking like we did it ourselves. The day of the thinnest television has arrived, and no one ever thought home entertainment was going to look this cool in our lives. Be wary though, if you’re planning on installing your own television, these simple tips can help your set look like it was installed by a professional. Know one needs to know the truth. As far as they know, your television came standard with quality installation down to the last screw.

For the easiest way to get information fastest, connect your computer to your television. This allows for high definition streaming straight onto you home entertainment system monitor. Movies, shopping and general surfing will never be the same. Check out the MyWirelessTV today and see what you’re missing.

ActionTec Wireless

How to make you tv look like a professional did it!

No self-respecting installation technician would leave ugly black cords and wires hanging everywhere. What to do? You’re not exactly an expert, but there must be some way to get rid of those cords. I really don’t think we need to hire a wire technician to climb up the pole do you? They go in every direction and attach to everything. The best idea is to drill holes in your wall and pull all the cables through the hollow space, but that can be a real chore, especially if you have to get in the attic. It may serve you better to hide your cords behind large plants and pictures. What people don’t know wont hurt them. Check out Screenbeam and see how much better things can get.

The days of wheeling the television cart in to the dining room ended with Sputnik and Howdy Doody. Nowadays, every room needs to be completed with its own television set. Modern sets are smaller and lighter, which allows them to easily be attached to the wall or even ceiling. I especially like the part where you just lay there looking up. There’s no stacking of pillows or sitting against the headboard. You can watch television without anyone really knowing whether you’re awake or not.

ActionTec WirelessThe only thing better than hiding your wires and cables, is not having many. MyWirelessTV 2 replaces all those messy HDMI cables with the ease of wireless, so you can install an HDTV anywhere your heart desires. You can connect your television to your set top box without having to use any cables. You get the flexibility to network your tech products exactly how you want to, without breaking the bank on an expensive wiring job, or string wires throughout your hallways and floors.

Head to Best Buy or shop online for these fantastic products. You don’t even have to leave the comfort of your own computer. After this, you’ll be shopping online in front of your own television set. Get to it. The My Wireless and Screenbeam are in stock now.

Stop by a local Best Buy and visit My Wireless TV and Screenbeam to get a look at all the cool stuff you are missing. Visit their social media sites on Facebook and Twitter. They’ve got plenty more DIY ideas that will have everyone thinking you know more than you do.