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keep your cat happy

Indoor cats are have a life span of up to 18 years, which can be just as demanding as raising a child well into their teen years. Cats that are kept indoors live a seemingly cushy lifestyle compared to their bigger feline ancestors. They don’t have to worry about hunting for their food, they have no predators and there is usually a box somewhere in the house that they can sleep in all day. This doesn’t go to say that your cat isn’t bored with their effortless indoor lifestyle. If you were stuck inside all day, you would want to be surrounded by the things that make you happy. For cats, it doesn’t take much!

4 Ways To Keep Indoor Cat Happy

4 Ways To Keep Your Indoor Cat Happy

  1. Stock Up On Toys: Cats love to hunt, pounce and play. They need distractions and plenty of toys to keep them occupied. They also get bored fairly easily, so be sure to have a good variety. Fortunately, you can make most toys for your cat quite inexpensively with just a bit of fishing line and balled up paper. As an added treat, throw in a little cat nip and watch your indoor cat go crazy!
  2. Bring The Outdoors To Them: Create a cat-friendly indoor garden for your special feline friend. Include catnip, cat grass and other non-toxic, cat friendly plants.
  3. Get Them A Friend: I know from experience, cats love having company! The trick is finding kitties with similar personalities and traits. Once they are acquainted, they will be able to explore and play all day long.
  4. Have A Clean Litter Box: Do you like using a dirty bathroom? Neither does your cat! Nothing will make your cat rebel more than a dirty litter box. Having a clean litter box is also a huge factor in the health of your cat. A healthy cat= a happy cat!

What that also means is a lot of changed litter boxes! No one likes scooping litter boxes. It’s a dirty job, but somebody has to do it. Scooping litter actually is the easier part of the dirty work. Lugging the huge boxes of litter is the hard part! Fortunately, Fresh Step® came up with an alternative that makes this cat lover jump for joy! The new Fresh Step® Fast Lightweight Extreme cat litter is 30% lighter, making it easier for me to lift, carry and pour while still providing the strongest odor control possible! Not only is my cat happy, but his mom is happy, too! I’m also happy that I’m able to Fresh Step® at Target! As a busy mom, I appreciate the product displays of the products I am buying are large and easy to find. Everything my indoor cat needs to be happy, including Fresh Step® Lightweight Extreme Litter is available at Target

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