How To Know What To Wear When Doing Yoga

How To Know What To Wear When Doing Yoga

With Caitlin and me starting an exercise regime, we were curious how to know what to wear when doing yoga.  My doctor said that with my back injury as well as the torn ligaments in my foot, yoga is a smart choice of exercise for me.  Caitlin wants to start yoga with me to strengthen and tone, which for a 14 year old is pretty impressive.  We already have the tools we needed to get started, but wanted to find the best clothing to wear.  Here are some great suggestions I found:

What To Wear When Doing Yoga

  •  Choose The Class: In order to know what clothing is appropriate for yoga, you need to choose your class first.  If you are a beginner like Caitlin and I, you will need clothing that is comfortable and loose enough to allow movement of simple stretching positions.  If you are in a more advanced class where you will be doing more difficult poses, you will need clothing that moves more than the clothing for the beginners.
  • Accessories: For those yoga enthusiasts with longer hair or bangs, you may want to wear a hair band to keep your hair out of your eyes.  A micro fibers towel is a must have accessory for all of the sweat you will be breaking out in from your stretching and posing.
  • Tops: For men, you want to wear a sleeveless shirt that allows you plenty of movement for your arms.  For women, you should wear a well-fitting sports bra as well as a tank that won’t expose you while you are moving in the class.  Layering is always a good idea as you work through the poses; you want to have the ability to take off a layer when things get heated up!
  • Bottoms: You have several choices for the right bottoms to wear for your yoga class.  If you are working out in the outdoors or doing hot yoga you may want to wear bike shorts.  If you are inside, you could wear regular loose fitting shorts, leggings or yoga pants.  What is most important is finding clothing that is well made that will move with you rather than against you.  Be Present is a company that offers some of the highest quality yoga wear I have seen and they are very planet friendly as well.

Yoga Pants For Women

Yoga Pants For Women

When I was looking for yoga pants for women, I was really impressed with what Be Present has to offer.  I love the looks of their clothing, the excellent construction and the wide variety to choose from.  You can find the Be Present in yoga studios, boutiques, spas, resorts and online.  No matter their level, the clothing from Be Present is comfortable, moveable and plain old basic good clothes!  Be Present is about more than clothing for this company.  Be Present is a state of being, a state of mind, a state of peacefulness and where you are in the universe.  Another unique aspect of the Be Present line is their homage to the seven chakras of the body, which are the energy centers of the body.  The Be Present line includes clothing in the colors of the seven chakras so that you can choose the color for an area you want to focus on.  Caitlin chose the French Terry Lounge Pant ($69.00), which is made from 69% Organic Cotton/27% Polyester/ 4% Lycra with a coconut-based quick dry finish.  These pants fit perfectly, look great and move with you regardless the pose.  Caitlin said she has never had a pair of pants that fit as well or were as comfortable as her pants from Be Present.  I wanted to mention that the Be Present line is made in the USA contains organic fabrics, and a portion of their proceeds is donated to charities annually.

One reader will win a pair of the French Terry Pants ($69.00) in their choice of size and color, depending on availability.


  1. The French Terry Pants in Black, size medium are my favorite out of everything! I’m actually looking into getting a pair very soon! 🙂

  2. I love long sleeves even in the summer, so the long sleeve tree tee. Awesome post and lovely giveaway. Thanks and have a great weekend 🙂

  3. Well my favorites – are a sport tank with a built in bra and 3/4 yoga pants. although longer pants means I can step on the hem to keep from sliding during Warrior II

  4. I really like the pants. I have such wide hips as compared to my waste so these look like they may fit me properly.

  5. I like the French Terry Lounge pants in Dusty Rose and the Renew Long-sleeve Raw edge Tee in Heathered Black w/Ganesh. This sounds like the perfect yoga outfit.

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