How To Make Easy Holiday Bows Using Wraphia

Christmas is my favorite time of year and I know many people do not especially enjoy it, but I love to wrap gifts. I think part of it is seeing the whole process from start to finish and there is something relaxing about it for me. I usually get all of my supplies gathered and the kids and I will watch a Christmas movie or television show while I wrap. Now that Caitlin is 15, she decided she wanted to learn to wrap as well, so we had a lot of fun bonding over one of my favorite activities. While I was teaching her to wrap the gifts properly, I had to show her how to make easy holiday bows and other decorations for the boxes. For my wrapping needs this year, I received wrapping paper and accessories are from Jam Paper & Envelopes. They have a wide selection of high quality materials you need to make your gifts look like they were wrapped by a pro!

How To Make Easy Holiday Bows With Wraphia Ribbon

I was sent a variety of paper, gift tags and ribbon to wrap the perfect gifts for my family and friends. I received 2 rolls of wrapping paper, in the Christmas Red Florentine Red Birthday Candles. I also received and the  2 packs of Kraft gift tags, 1 roll of satin green 7/8” ribbon,  and 1 roll of blue wraphia ribbon, which is what I made my bows with. The colors in the paper is nice and bright but it is a thinner paper so take care when you cut as not to tear it. The green ribbon is a delicate and sheer ribbon, so it makes a pretty addition to your wrapped gift. The tags are made of recycled paper and the ties are twine and have a cute rustic look. The blue wraphia ribbon was perfect for my tutorial on my bows. Here is a simple, 5- step process on how to make your easy holiday bows using curling ribbon:

Step 1: First, place the wraphia across your hand with about a 5”  or 6” tail hanging down towards you, with the remainder coming off the top of your hand, away from you.

step 1

Step 2: Next you will wrap the long end of the ribon around your hand 6-8 times until you have another 5” – 6” tail end. Holding tightly, carefully slide off your hand.

step 2
Step 3: Take one of the tail ends and wrap it around the middle of the bow a few times. Next, take the other tail and wrap it around the middle going in the opposite direction and with the two tail end pieces tie a knot on the back of the bow.

step 3

Step 4: Attach the bow to your wrapped package and you are done!

step 4

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