How to make time for yourself as a mom

As a mom, you are pulled in so many directions by your “motherly duties.” You need to make sure your house is neat and clean. More often than not, you have not clean (or at least help) the kids rooms. You get to make sure that the homework is done and that the kids are excelling in school. You are supportive to your husband in whatever endeavor he is working on. You stay in touch with your parents. You watch your siblings kids. You remember birthdays, anniversaries and when it is time to pay the bills. You make sure the bills are paid. You are responsible for cooking dinner, packing lunches and making a nutritious breakfast for your kids and husband before work. You are in charge of making the grocery list, shopping for the food and making sure that it is nutritious. How exhausting! Just writing all of that I need a break. That is why it is important to make time for yourself as a mom. You deserve it, and if you don’t you will end up yelling and screaming at your kids, pulling your hair out and being miserable. Sometimes, all it takes is a few seconds of me time, to regenerate.

How To Make Time For Yourself As A Mom

  • Make outside the house appointments. I get a lot of me time when I am at the doctor’s office waiting. I bring a book and enjoy the silence while my kids are already at a sitter.
  • Exercise at a gym. You can even find gyms that have child care. Exercise is also a great way to release stress.
  • Pamper yourself after the kids go to bed. Take a long bath, read a book or give yourself a manicure.
  • Simply Make Time. Yep, I know it is so simple, but you have to actually consciously make the time to make time. Even if it is just a few minutes.  I have my me-time when I have my coffee in the morning. I enjoy a Nonni’s Biscotti, most recently in the new salted caramel flavor.

Salted Caramel is the newest addition to Nonni family of products. This light 100 calorie treat is the perfect balance of salty and sweet to curb that craving, guilty free! They are made with real milk chocolate, vanilla, sea salt, and chunks of caramel to top of this crunchy snack. They offer a complete line of these amazing treats. If you are more into the classic biscotti try their Cioccolati Biscotti, which is dipped in the finest bittersweet chocolate. For all of you nutty lovers out there, they have a Turtle Pecan Biscotti. This has a great balance of crunchy pecans drizzled with caramel and dipped in their gourmet milk chocolate. They also provide Caramel Milk Chocolate Biscotti Bites, which are great for snacks on the go. An assortment of their products can be found at your local warehouse clubs such as such as Costco and Sam’s Club.

If you are unfamiliar with a biscotti, you might remember seeing them at coffee shops most famous for being dunked into a freshly brewed cup of coffee or a warming hot chocolate. They get their name from the Italian language meaning “twice baked”. Not only are Nonni’s Biscotti twiced backed, but can also be considered twice as delicious, staying true to their grandmother’s original recipe all the way from the little town of Lucca. Over a century ago, Nonni (an endearing term for Grandma) came to America with her famous family recipe in hand.  Now, 100 years later, the ingredients still remain the same using real eggs, butter and bittersweet chocolate. Keeping the original recipe has become the foundation of their growing success.  They are now the most popular biscotti on the shelves and can even be spotted on a few well known television shows such as The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Sex and the City and Two and a Half Men.

Salted Caramel Nonnis

You can start planning your “me time” by connecting with Nonni’s on Facebook and Twitter and Pinterest. They also blog at Tumblr and you can find incredible pictures on Instagram @nonnisbiscotti. Enter the GT form below to win a few boxes to see for yourself!

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