YardStash I drive my husband crazy with all of my OCD about cleaning. I cannot go to bed if there are dirty dishes in the sink and if I have a deadline to meet, I must have the carpets vacuumed. If my daughter is coming up for a visit, you can catch me touching up the paint on the walls and scrubbing the base boards. Another source of my obsession is our outdoor stuff. I do not exactly care about keeping up with the Joneses but I hate to have stuff all over the yard and the deck. I would be mortified if someone came to visit and I had toys, pool gear and other stuff strewn all over the yard. The problem for me is that I have no place to store any of this. I do not have an outdoor shed or storage closet. The best I could do was buy plastic storage containers and keep everything in there. The issue about that is if it raines, nothing is protected. I had about given up when I came across YardStash, the solution to my troubles! How To Organize Your Outdoor Gear

How To Organize Your Outdoor Gear

If you are a renter like me, you may be able to sympathize with me about the lack of outdoor storage. When we lived in an apartment, we had a little closet outside that could hold just a hand full of items. If you rent, you certainly do not want to purchase a storage shed that you would not be able to take with you if you moved. Until I heard about YardStash, I was at a loss as to how to find a way to organize your outdoor gear. This portable solution is exactly what you need in this situation!

I was sent the YardStash II and I could not wait to get it set up. Caitlin and I took everything out and it took us about 15 minutes to get the Yard Stash erected. The YardStash II is very roomy (74” long x 30” deep x 65” high), has hooks inside to hang items and has its own carrying case. I set up my YardStash II on my deck but if you want to set it up in your yard, it comes with 4 stakes to secure it to the ground. The YardStash II is made of heavy duty polyester materials, has a reinforced floor, is weatherproof and has nice and strong zippers. I LOVE this product! I honestly am so dang happy with the YardStash II that I have told everyone I know about it! My neighbor, who also has no outdoor storage asked me where I found it! If you need a sturdy, portable and affordable storage solution for your outdoor gear, the YardStash II is perfect for you! You can purchase the YardStash II from their website for $124.95.
One USA reader will win a YardStash II ($124.95)


  1. I would store the family bikes (2 adult, 2 children) and some fishing equipment along with coolers and swimming gear.

  2. We have so much in our yard that we can use this for! We just moved so for now it would hold the items that won’t fit inside yet!

  3. I didn’t see any other products, but I do like that it has a Carrying bag for easy portability and storage.

  4. The yard stash is awesome, we have a carport and would love to “hide” our belongings, make it look a little neater

  5. LOVE this Yardstash!!! Just what we have been looking for! Perfect for all our pool floats and outdoor toys! I hate the mess too.

  6. The YardStash II. I like that it has a convenient case for storage and hooks inside for smaller items.

  7. I like how small the Yardstash II folds up. Nice new product, although I would be afraid someone would steal my stuff.

  8. the Heavy duty UV protected polyester, strong zippers, sealed seams, reinforced integrated floor, thick interior weatherproof coating and a patented design to shrug off the elements tent

  9. The Yard Stash would certainly make things easier outside – and cleaner! Thanks for the chance!

  10. Again, I would store in it, all the summer toys and gear – so much easier then putting the stuff in the permanent structure every night

  11. I like the Yardstash II! We have permanent structures but this is still awesome for when you pull out all the summer stuff and don’t want to fully store back in the big sheds

  12. I would store all of our pool supplies in there…you’re right, it just ends up strewn all over the yard!

  13. I’m a little confused because I only saw the Yardstash II as a product, so I obviously like it best ha ha.

  14. I only see the YardStash. This would be great for storing our lawnmower and some outdoor toys to keep them out of the elements.

  15. I only saw this product but with five grandkids this would be great. I try to keep the outdoor toys stacked up but it still looks bad.

  16. comment number 2: i would store potting supplies that i use to plant my flowers and bushes in and maybe also the bbq

  17. I would be able to put a bunch of our Smoking and Grilling supplies in here as well as my bike.

  18. the yardstash II would solve so many problems. all my garden tools “disappear” next door but, i can’t store them inside my dog yard. this could be inside the dog yard, hold my tools and in hot weather give the babies (7 pomeranians) some shade too.

  19. I’d put my tubs, bags of soil and in the winter I’d put my plants in there to protect them 🙂

  20. I need one of these so bad on my patio. I like that it’s heavy duty and has rubber tabbed zippers so it’s eay to get into. I live in a 1 bdrm apt so I don’t have much storage space.I have all my Christmas decor in tubs on my patio covered up with a blue tarp. So ugly and this would be so wonderful to have. I’m definitely going to look into these. Thank you 🙂

  21. I think the Yardstash II could be the answer to a big problem on our farm. We buy round bales to feed the animals but storing them, particularly in summer, is difficult. We currently cover them with tarps but I might be able to fit two round bales in a Yardstash II. That’s perfect since we usually buy three at at time – one to go out immediately and two that are stored. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE one of these!!

  22. Living in the midwest means lots of precipitation. I’d stack the patio chairs and cover them!

  23. I seriously LOVE the YardStash II, it would be so nice to to have to haul everything off my porch into the basement.

  24. I love the yard stash II. My backyard is full of my children’s stuff. I can Definately use this for serious storage.

  25. LOL I do think I’d stash the toys, like I say in my first post.. BUT, then again.. I garden A LOT and It would be nice to stash my various supplies, the clippers, the pruning saw, gloves, bug sprays, other things, out near to the fruit “orchard” in stead of having to haul it all from my garage out there.

  26. Why, my fav is the Yard Stash! I like the idea, I would use it for near our GIANT sandbox/fort play area. The toys built up there and it would be nice to be able to stash them sometimes! I like that this is portable, too.

  27. My favorite product?? There seems to be only one listed on the website, and that was the Yard Stash II.

  28. A used $5 tent on craigslist.org would be favorite product, if I don’t win this. I’m fairly certain it will do the same thing. (Sorry, I’m from Mass. originally, I can’t help the sarcasm.)

  29. The YardStash II would be great for a really shady spot in my yard where we can’t grow anything. It would give use some much needed storage.

  30. Currently bikes and gardening supplies and such are on the side porch, which has no walls. The YardStash II Outdoor Storage would be perfect for that spot, and it would look a lot better since that is a front porch!

  31. I love The YardStash II for Pool Storage. This would be a great way to store all the floats and extra pool supplies!

  32. This is such a great idea especially for personal non-valuable items.

    My worry though is that it is not potentially as secure as I would like it to be… you may want to consider a local self storage depot to look after your outdoor gear if you no longer have room at home, as we know ourselves camping equipment doesn’t come cheap and it may pay to store it securely within a steel container or something on those lines. Just a thought…

  33. I love the yard stash, we have a carport and it would be so nice if the whole world didn’t see everything in it.

  34. Between kids, dog, husband, we have all kinds of stuff in the yard. We do have a small shed that is fine for that stuff if I can ever get everyone to use it. But… we are planning a garage sale and the garage is full of stuff that is designated for the sale. Needless to say, we can’t use the garage until we have the sale. This would be so amazing to help to organize all this stuff and allow us to use the garage. Thanks!

  35. I followed the link to find my favorite product, but since the only product on their site is the YardStash II, I’m saying that’s the one! 🙂 I do love it though. I’m a renter too and this would solve a lot of problems and maybe make it so I don’t have to rent a storage unit. I’m all for that!

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