How To Pick The Right Helmet

I have so many reasons why I love this time of year. I love the crisp and cold air, the beautiful colors on the leaves, the hot cocoa, the family gatherings and all the beautiful holiday decorations. But, truth be told, one of the most fun things I can do is to shop for the kids. I have so much fun playing Santa, even though the kids are 13 and 16. Our tradition is to buy one big gift for the kids and then they get a handful of smaller gifts. This year Henry wants a new bike as his is several years old and is too small for him now. When you are buying a bike for the kids this year, you are going to need a helmet, so these tips are perfect for you!

Tips For Choosing the right helmet for your child

Tips For Choosing The Right Helmet For Your Child

  1. Choose A Style: There are many styles of helmets for your kids, so let them be involved in the decision. They can choose the style and color and if available, their favorite character.
  2. Make It Stand Out: You want your kids to be as visible as possible when they re riding their bikes. Choose a helmet that has a bright color. You may also want to put reflector tape for riding at dusk.
  3. Choose The Right Size: Helmets are like hats, they come in a variety of sizes and fits. Make sure your child’s helmet fits snugly without being too tight with straps that go on either side of their ears. Make sure the child is able to work the lock on the strap.
  4. Take The Ears, Eyes And Moth Test: With the helmet on, have your child look up. They should be able to see the bottom rim of the helmet and there should be room for two fingers from the eyebrows to the bottom rim. The straps should form a “V” under the ears and when your child opens their mouth, the helmet should feel snug, but not overly tight on their head.
  5. Buy The Helmet New: You should never let your child wear a used helmet. There can be cracks you cannot see from prior damage to the helmet. This can be dangerous for your child.


Now that you know how to pick the right helmet for your child, you need to find the right place to buy it. You want to be able to follow all of the steps above at an affordable price. You also want to let your child’s personality shine through. If they are going to get a shiny new bike, they should get a colorful and uniquely designed helmet. For me, that would be Nutcase Helmets, where you can find anything from a helmet designed like a watermelon to one that looks like ring of fire or lady bug. Nutcase has a line of bicycle helmets for kids, Moto helmets for adults as well as snow, water and skate helmets. Prices range from $38 to $80 and many styles are on sale at 25% off.

Nutcase got its start when Michael Morrow, a diehard Oregon State Beavers fan. The biggest game of the season, the Beavers against the the University of Oregon Ducks, their biggest rival. He knew he wanted to make a statement that would be memorable. He was in his garage when he saw an old black bike helmet. He took a roll of orange electrical tape and made an “O” on either side of the helmet. Then he attached four yellow rubber duckies and drew uniform numbers of actual Duck players and crossed out their eyes. He went to the game the following day and the reaction from his fellow Beaver fans was what he hoped; unbridled enthusiasm. That got Michael’s creative juices flowing and in 2000, Nutcase Helmets was born! Be sure to stay connected with Nutcase Helmets and follow them on Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. One USA reader will win a kid’s helmet of their choice ARV $80.

Which of the Nutcase Helmets for kids would you choose for your child?