The pet dog you own is a very special member of your family. Most dogs live only 10-13 years and in these few years, they provide us with a lot of loyalty and affection. Dogs are men’s best friend and it’s no wonder that many people are willing to throw a huge birthday party for their beloved pet. Some throw smaller parties and some treat their pet on their special day but it’s the motivation that counts. It’s satisfying to watch your dog at complete bliss.

So, if you are willing to throw a party for your dog, we got you covered with the tips and tricks that you can follow in this guide.

Selecting the theme

Just because you are throwing a party for your dog, the theme doesn’t necessarily need to be dog-themed. If a holiday season is coming up or you are in one, you can make it simply accustomed to that theme. Or, you can also go for the dog-themed birthday party which lets others know what exactly the party is for. That being said you can play around with the theme and even make costumes for your dog. Dog hats and ties or anything that give it a little more spice.

Deciding the place

It’s important to have a dog-friendly venue as well and doing it outside comes out as a great idea because it suits your dog’s need in most cases. If he needs to go to the bathroom or anything like that or your guests decide to bring their pets with them, having an outside party is much more preferred especially if it’s a big one.

Making sure there’s food for both the Guests and their pets

It’s a party and you must have good food and drinks, right? Make sure you also have an adamant amount of water and drinks. The idea is to make the party fun for everyone which in turn will make it memorable and enjoyable for your dog too.

The Dog birthday cake

Make sure to treat your dog with the ultimate birthday cake suiting to its taste. There are various ways to go about it and you certainly order the cake. If you want to bake the cake yourself and make it that much more special you can follow some great dog birthday cake recipes and decide from there how you want to make the cake and what you want to put in it. 

Plan dog-friendly activities and games

Games that you can play with your pet where others can join are really good ways to make things special for your dog. Fetch, pool time or even running games will suffice. You will also get amazing opportunities to take great photos of and with your dog this way.

Let your dog relax after the party

After going through the program all day your dog will certainly be tired and letting it relax and chill is the best way to go about it. Although, some dogs might remain over excited and you might have to company it a bit longer after the party and you can simply pet the dog for a while and let it rest.