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How To Protect Your Kids From The Sun

I know it is still winter, but it is still important to know how to protect your kids from the sun.  I recently read that when the sun is high and there is snow on the ground, your kids can get some pretty strong UV coming their way.  I must admit, I am not the best about making sure the kids are protected for the outdoors.  Once I put on the sunscreen, I thought that was all I had to do. Studies show that I was way off course and I wanted to share the tips I found:

How To Protect Your Kids From The Sun

  • Hats: No matter the weather, it is a good idea to have a hat on your kids.  The best hats would be those with a wider brim for girls and a ball cap with a bill for the boys.  For the winter months, you can find plenty of knit caps with a brim or bill, so you are covered no matter the weather.
  • Shirts: In the winter, it is recommended that your kids wear long sleeve shirts. You may be wondering if I have lost my mind because all kids should wear a long sleeve shirt in the winter.  Not mine!  My husband and my kids hate to wear long sleeves as well as jackets.  In the summer, you are smart to have your kids wear a rash guard type shirt that will protect them from the sun but will not weigh them down in the water.
  • Sunscreen: No matter the season, you should never leave the house without sunscreen.  If it is colder out and the kids have their jackets, scarves and hate on, you should still make sure their faces are protected.  Of course in the summer months, you need to apply it to all exposed skin.  Don’t forget to reapply frequently!
  • Sunglasses: Sunglasses are important for kids whenever the sun is out, regardless of the season.  As I mentioned above, the snow combined with a bright sun can damage a child’s eye.  Today my kids were having a snowball fight and Caitlin got hit square in the eye.  Had she not been wearing her sunglasses, she could have gotten debris in her eye.  If you are in the market for high quality sunglasses for kid’s ages infant to twelve years, Real Kids Shades is the perfect solution.

Using Protective Eyewear For Kids

I am one of those moms who don’t think about using protective eyewear for kids.  When I started to think about my husband and me always wearing sunglasses, I asked myself why we didn’t do the same for the kids!  Kind of silly if you think about it!  When I was offered a few pairs of glasses from Real Kids Shades, I was very excited to let the kids try them out.  We received the Blade Blue ($7.50), Fabulous Black ($7.50), Xtreme Sport ($8.75) and the Xtreme Chill ($17.00). The glasses could not have come at a better time as it was a very bright and sunny day and we had a heavy snowfall the night before!  The kids were all geared up and ready to go and they had a blast throwing snowballs, building and igloo and making snow angels, all while wearing their Real Kids Shades.  This company, started in 2002, gives parent the peach of mind that their kids are getting 100% UV protection from the suns damaging rays. With the help from a pediatric ophthalmologist, these sunglasses are made to fit a kid’s smaller face and that the glasses fit really well.  The glasses from Real Kids Shades are durable as well as affordable, so you are forced to spend an arm and a leg to keep your kids precious eyes protected.  These glasses are also shatterproof and have a wrap-around design so the peripheral light is blocked out.  If you want to give your kids the protection from the sun they deserve, Real Kids Shades is up for the task!

One reader will win one pair of glasses from Real Kids Shades of their choice ($7.50-$17.00), depending on availability.


  1. I’m thinking the flex duo in blue are pretty nice, but my son’s not here to confirm those are the “best” ones. Blue was his favorite color, but now I think it might be green… who knows!

  2. I love the Fabulous sunglasses for my daughter. She likes to wear things that I wear and I have a pair that looks like these! It’s nice that they make fashion fabulous sunglasses that fit kids!

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