Rodents’ infiltration can cause you great trouble not only because of the resulting financial damage, but they also have gravely ill effects on our health. The situation gets even worse if you have children in your home because rats and children are a lethal combination.

Therefore, getting rid of rodents from your home must be your priority; otherwise, your children will be left to the mercy of numerous infectious diseases. Here, we have listed a few steps that you must take to deal with the ruckus created by rodents. 

·       Seal rodent infected areas:

Be it the attic, basement, garage, or any other place, do not let your kids go near a rodent infested area. Seal such areas and isolate your children to eliminate their contact with rats.

·       Kill them all:

Once you have sealed all the infested area, take steps to exterminate their population. You can use several options for this purpose.


 Poison is still used as a primary weapon against rodents’ population, but you will have to choose the right one; otherwise, it can cause a series of issues. Firstly, most of the poisons take a few days to cause systemic failure in rodents, which leads to them being killed in remote places like HVAC vents and floorboards. 

Such remote places are tough to reach, and this results in the spread of unbearable stench coming from their decomposing dead bodies. Therefore, choose a poison that can kill the rat within a few seconds so that it does not have time to reach those hard-to-reach places.


 There exists plenty of trap options like snap traps, glue traps, and no-kill traps. Choose the option carefully because not all snap traps have the strength to snap the neck of a mouse. Moreover, glue traps are not pleasant to use as they may require disposing of live rodents. Also, keep one thing in mind that whatever trap you choose, make sure you do not put it to reuse because these traps carry many rat borne diseases.

·       Dispose of cleanly:

You need to be extremely careful in disposing of rat carcasses because you may end up infecting your home with rat borne diseases. CDC has communicated the following precautionary measures you must take while disposing of rodents.

Wear Gloves:

You should wear gloves while removing the carcasses because, you can end up contaminating yourself.

Wear a Mask:

CDC insists on wearing a mask during rodents’ disposal because you can end up inhaling disease-carrying particles.

·       Employ proper cleaning procedures

Avoid Sweeping:

Do not sweep the rodent’s remains because you may spread it out and stir up the disease born particles.

Use a proper cleaning solution:

Employ the bleach-containing solutions to clean the hard surfaces, and in general, wet cleaning should be the way to go. You will have to wet clean everything in the rat-infested areas of your home as well. Moreover, it will be a good idea to use green products for the betterment of your family.

Clean Yourself:

Take a long disinfecting shower at the end to get rid of all the remnants of this disease-prone process and come out all fit and healthy.

There also exist companies that specialize in rodent control. Still, you must be aware of the steps required to handle this situation effectively because unless properly controlled, this situation can quickly get out of hand and can do severe damage to the health of your family.