• First Sign up with Contextweb. Make sure you ad your blog and have it approved.
  • Then go into the selling desk (we are selling the ad space).
  • Under New Ad Tag Group, Enter your information. I am going to set up the Ad for after my posts doing this tutorial.

after posts

You can find out here, about the Ask Price; A good rule of thumb is to set your Ask Price CMP 15% higher than your RPM on Google AdSense.

CPM-Cost per thousand impressions; which means for every 1000 times your ad is seen, this is how much money you will make.

RPM-Revenue per thousand impressions; which mean the same thing as CPM.

I do this every week and adjust my ask price, this way I always get paid the highest amount possible.

  • I take the Average of my RPM for the week and add 15%. In my case this week, my RPM for my after posts ad is $3.15. So, 15% above that would be $3.62. I will set that as my Ask Price. Click adsens
  • Next click provide Back up Tag
  • Provide your Google or back up tag (mine is not shown in the box) that is for the SAME SIZE ad in the box and put your average RPM (which in my case was $3.15) at your average eCPM per day. Click Next.backuptag
  • It will show you an example of what your ad will look like. Click Approve.Then click Next.
  • You should now be back at the Get Your Ad Tag screen and your ContextWeb tag will be there for you to pick up.
  • Now you put that code in the appropriate place on your website.



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