ImageRealistically speaking, anyone who says they love working out is either not thinking about the same version of working out that we are, or they’ve been at it for long enough that they feel confident in their routine. For the majority of us, getting to the gym on a regular basis is a pain. While most of have the sincerest intentions it just doesn’t seem to always happen.

But try not to worry; you’re not the only one out there who struggles with it. If you really want to make a change for a healthier lifestyle, the key is to covertly sneak exercise into your routine. Our recommendation? Try signing up for a fun alternative and setting up a goal and reward system for yourself.

Want the details? Check ‘em out below!

Sign Up for a Fun Alternative

For many of us, the regular gym routine is dull and dreadful. Scattered free weights, taken machines, people looking miserable at the elliptical. And not to mention that it’s the same repetitive routine day to day. Newsflash, there are other more exciting ways to work out.

Try mixing things up and making your workout routine something you look forward to each day. Dance fitness and exercise classes like Bombay Jam let you shake it out at the gym or at home and get you moving without feeling like you’re really working out.

When you turn your exercise regimen into something that you would actually enjoy doing in your free time—be it dancing, or rock climbing, or swimming, etc.—it is not going to feel like as much of a chore to get out there and actually start doing it. Trust us, it’s been tried and tested.

Set up a Goal and Reward System

Sure, we can force ourselves to do something without recognition every once in a while, but who wants to live the life of a martyr. For those of us that prefer a little praise for our work, there is a simple solution. Set up a little goal and reward system to motivate yourself to exercise on a more consistent basis. It might sound silly, but it’s an effective way to tap into our human desire to be rewarded for our efforts. Establishing a base minimum of goals that you need to achieve before treating yourself to something you really want is an excellent motivator.

Your parents weren’t just being tyrannical when they told you that you would only get dessert after finishing your vegetables. It was an effective strategy to get you to do something that was good for you. Chances are, you probably wanted that bowl of ice cream enough to get through your serving of broccoli.

The same principle applies to you in your adult life. Set your goal, any goal. Let’s say that it is to hop on the treadmill at least three times a week. If you’ve met your goal by Saturday, you should reward yourself with those new shoes you’ve been eyeing. It’s a fun, harmless way to make your workout routine a consistent part of your life. And for the best part is that rewards are double—your allocated treat of choice and the bonus reward reward of a healthier bod!

Working out doesn’t need to be chore that you may feel that it is. With a few simple changes to your mindset and some fun enjoyable exercise alternatives, you can get on a path to a healthier lifestyle today!