How To Stay Cool In The Summer

How To Stay Cool In The Summer

Living in the south makes it difficult to find ways how to stay cool in the summer.  Sometimes I wish I could be like my kids who are always playing outside and never seem to be bothered by the heat.  Me on the other hand, it seems I am outside for a split second and I am about to fall out.  I know in order to save energy during the hot months you are not to put your thermostat below 68 but I say poo on that idea!  I drive my family batty with my turning the air to 65, driving them to don sweaters in June.  I cannot help it, I have always been hot, and I don’t mean in a sexy good way, but in the gross and sticky way!  And to make matters worse is that I haven’t gone through menopause yet.  Good grief I am not looking forward to that with my body temperature the way it is!

Cool Jams is a spectacular company that specializes in pajamas made with a special fabric and are giving away a pair of pajamas on their website.  The Cool Jams wicking sleepwear are made with a special yarn in their fabrics that has evaporation and thermo-regulation properties to keep you cool and dry while you sleep.  What sets Cool Jams apart from other companies is the way the fabric is made that makes the wicking properties work no matter how many times you wash your sleepwear.  With the thermo-regulating properties, no matter how high your body temperature, the Cool Jams will keep you cool and dry.  Staying dry is just as important as the cooling properties because if your clothing were to get wet, you will be sticky and uncomfortable and therefore the cooling would not be as effective.

Help With Night Sweats

If you are just hot natured or if you are experiencing menopausal symptoms, you may need help with night sweats.  If you have not experienced this, it is awful!  Not only do you get drenched, but your clothing, bedding and possibly your mattress will get wet as well.  It is such an uncomfortable feeling and what makes it worse is your partner may also reap the consequences of your night sweats.  I was thankful to be given the opportunity to review a pair of pajamas from Cool Jams in hopes of helping me with this problem.  First of all, let me tell you how cute these pajamas are!  They are pretty and comfortable and that would usually be enough to make anyone smile.  The true test would be what happened while I slept.  I conceded and turned the thermostat to 70, which is the temperature the rest of my family was comfortable with.  Well, they work and I don’t just mean they worked, but they WORKED!!  I slept soundly, I was cool and dry and I didn’t wake up once!  I am absolutely sold on the Cool Jam sleepwear and if you experience night sweats, I am sure you would love them too.

One reader will win a pair of pajamas, a nightgown or nightshirt from Cool Jams valued up to $65

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