It dawned on me that maybe a Stumble Upon walk through might be needed. So, here goes.
1. Download the StumbleUpon Toolbar

2. Note the rules and start stumbling the first post, not the hop itself. Click on the picture to see.

Stumble Upon List

3. Once you get to the post you are to Stumble (with your toolbar installed) Click the LIKE box It will go from blue to green if you did it correctly.

bu stu

4. Click the review button (see picture) to see if you did it correctly. If you did your picture will be there. You can also check and see who stumbled your post and how many views it has had through Stumble Upon.

after su

5. Is your picture there? If yes, you have Stumbled correctly!

su review

Yay! now go join the hop! Stumble through Thursday


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