How To Take Better Pictures With Your Smartphone

Have your been looking for ways on how to take better pictures with your smartphone?  With the smartphone cameras taking better pictures, it is up to you to learn to take the best pictures you can with them.  I have friends who don’t even own a camera because they love their smartphone and that they can take great pics with it.  My smartphone was 3 years old and it did not take the best pictures.  I regret taking some important pics with it like birthdays or the trip to the zoo we went on recently.  When I looked back at the pictures we took, I was so disappointed at how poor they were.  I decided when I got my new phone (picked it up a few days ago) I would learn to take great pics with it.  Here are some simple suggestions for you to get the most out of your smartphone’s camera:

How To Take Better Pictures

  • Light: One of the most basic things you need to know is about lighting. If you have an iPhone 5, you can control the flash, but with other cameras you cannot.  The rule of thumb is to have your subject face the light source in the room and not you facing it. If you face the light, your pics will be way too overexposed, so remember to turn that idea around!
  • Be Clean: I never clean my smartphone lens and it shows!  This is just one of those things I never think about and it makes a lot of difference.  Get out a lens cloth and give the lens a good wipe and see how much better your pics are.

How To Take Better Pictures With Your Smartphone

  • White Balance: Most phones will adjust their white balance automatically, but it takes a few minutes.  When you get ready to shoot your picture, give it 5 seconds before you snap it.  This should be plenty of time to give your camera time to adjust.
  • Steady: My sister has a disorder that makes her hands shake, so she cannot take a very good picture.  We have tried to find solutions, but we came up empty.  Well, empty that is until Joby fell out of the sky and landed in my lap!  This company has a ton of products that will make your picture taking so much easier!

Using Tripods For Your Smartphone

Using Tripods For Your Smartphone

Until I went to a recent electronics convention I did not know you could buy a tripod for your smartphone.  I thought this was such a clever idea and it sure would help my sister with her problem. The best company I found that sold tripods and other equipment was Joby.  Established in San Francisco in 2006, Joby introduced their GorillaPod line of tripods to huge success.  The Joby Company felt strongly that customers should have access to products that would make their pictures be the best they could while having fun doing so.  I can assure you that the GorillaPod is very functional while being very playful.  If you were to judge the product based on its appearance, you would probably want one to play with but soon you would see it was also very helpful.  I took my Grip Tight GorillaPod Stand ($29.95) outside and as you can see, you can secure it to just about anything.  For a basic tripod, the Grip Tight Micro Stand ($29.95) works really well to keep your smartphone steady.  Both products have an easy to use lever that opens up the “jaws” as I called them, so any size camera will fit.  I was able to easily insert my Blackberry as well as my larger Samsung Galaxy with no problem.  The 2nd picture was taken using the GorillaPod and it turned out fantastically clear and sharp.  For my DSLR, I was sent the Ultra Fit Sling Strap For Women ($49.95), which is also available for men.  I love that Joby offers both as men and women are different in size and shape, so it makes sense to have a camera strap that is more compatible with their frame.  I love my strap and with my taking a photography class, it was a must have for sure.  I am a bit clumsy, so I feel incredibly secure knowing my Joby camera strap will keep my camera safe from my dropping it!  If you need some innovative yet useful camera and smartphone accessories that are also affordable, Joby is perfect.

Two readers will win their choice of one Grip Tight GorillaPod Stand ($29.95), one Grip Tight Micro Stand ($29.95) or Ultra Fit Sling Strap For Women or Men ($49.95), depending on availability.


  1. I would love this tripod for my smart phone. I really like taking pictures of my 6 grandchildren.

  2. I want the GripTight GorillaPod Stand!!! Would be great so I can actually get into photos with my kids!

  3. I like the Grip Tight Micro Stand and several other things too. I’d love to have a tripod for my iphone! What a fantastic idea! Thank you!

  4. This is one of the coolest things I have ever seen!!!! The GorillaPod is my fave. It would be super for my son; the budding photographer.

  5. Thanks for the tips on taking better pictures with your smartphone. I have a new smartphone and so far my photos are worse than the ones I took on my dinosaur phone. I will keep your tips in mind.

    I would love to have the GripTight GorillaPod Stand in light blue. Thanks for hosting!

  6. The ultrafit sling strap looks great. I have the GorillaPod stand for a little camcorder I have and it works great.

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