How To Teach Your Kids To Tell Time

How To Teach Your Kids To Tell Time

Do you have little ones at home and want to know how to teach your kids to tell time?  Some kids pick it up pretty quickly, and others need a little help.  In our house, Caitlin was pretty quick to jump from a digital display to a traditional clock. With Henry and his autism, there are things he picked up very quickly and others not so much.  Henry taught himself to read when he was 4 but at 11, he still cannot tell time.  I tried to start with a digital display but he just couldn’t connect all the dots.  I decided the only thing I could do was to search online for a company that offered an easy to use system that would help us.

Onaroo by American Innovative is a great line that offers clocks, night lights and the clever PBA (Personal Baby Assistant).  Founded in Boston in 2003, American Innovative strived to make products that made sense.  After creating the Neverlate alarm clock and their kitchen times, it was time to move into the arena of children’s products.  The Teach Me Time is an awesome teaching tool to help your kids learn to tell time on their own.  The clock has won the award for Best Product of 2008 by Creative Child magazine.  All the products from American Innovative are made with parents and their children in mind.  The night lights and clocks are kid friendly, glow with soft colors and are easy for both parents and their kids to use.

Alarm Clocks For Kids

Teach Me Time! Is a kids bedside alarm clock that has both digital and analog options, it has a soft glow to keep your child from being afraid in the dark and the numbers on the clock are easy to read.  I thought the Teach Me Time! Clock ($39.95) would be a good product to work with Henry on telling time.  We didn’t need the ok to wake feature, as getting out of bed at the right time, but it is great for younger kids.  The clock has the option to announce the time by pressing the right foot and the left foot turns on the night light.  For now, we are letting Henry get used to the pressing the foot and matching what the clock says and what the dial shows.  Soon we will be ready to move on to trying to tell time without the clock telling him.  But for now, I am very happy with the Teach Me Time! Clock and so is Henry.


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