How To Tell Mom You Love Her This Mother's Day

This is part of a sponsored campaign with DiMe Media and Coca-Cola. However, all opinions expressed are my own. Mother’s Day is special to every family, and taking time out of this particular day to express your love and gratitude to your mother is a time-honored tradition. In the years I lived with my mother or close by I got to spend Mother’s Day with her, and the family would cook her dinner while she waited nervously. She never knew what to do with herself while not busy cooking. Someone would have to keep her talking and sitting at the dining room table until everything was ready or she would pace around looking for a task.

How To Tell Mom You Love Her This Mother's Day

We grow up and out, and I moved away from my mother’s home. My Mother’s Day celebration became a phone call where we would catch up on what she had been doing that week. Eventually we even did a video chat. It is both a blessing and a curse of the modern age that we have so many different ways to communicate with one another. How should we get in touch when we miss her voice or need to hear comforting words? Which way should you tell Mom you love her?


Technology can allow us to hear and see one another as if we were in the same room while remaining on opposite sides of the planet, yet it also allows for the possibility of the planetary divide in the first place. Coca-Cola is celebrating the connection between mother and child that exists even when a world apart. “Inseparable” is about that relationship, and the varied perspectives we have on our own stories.

The handwritten letter, painstakingly etched by flickering light, then bundled and entrusted to courier to be delivered days or weeks or months later remains a romantic ideal of communication. Time marches on, and alternatives boasting nearly instantaneous delivery times and negligible costs have rendered the postal service bankrupt. We seek the happy middle ground between the message in a bottle and 140 character limits as a way to convey sincere appreciation.

Circumstances can demand that we be apart from our loved ones when we wish to be together. Coca-Cola is unveiling a special microsite on May 6th where consumers can register to call their mom for free –anywhere- for three minutes. The thought of families able to reconnect brings joy to my heart. That special connection with our mothers is unbreakable, and stays strong over thousands of miles. Making aware any who can take advantage of this special event is something everyone can feel good about. This Mother’s Day, tell Mom you love her.