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How to Tell When it's Fall in Florida

I have lived in Florida almost 25 years now. Originally from New Jersey, I still remember what it was like to see the leaves begin to change. We lived on a huge hill and my dad used to rake the leaves in to a huge pile. My brother and I would take turns rolling down the hill, crashing in to the pile of leaves. I remember driving to visit my grandparents along the rocky mountainous roads, colorful leaves as far as the eye could see. You knew that this was a sign of fall, and a sign that snow was right around the corner.  After moving to Florida, I quickly learned that we completely miss two of the four seasons. The signs of fall in Florida are not what I grew up with. Instead, us Floridians, as I now call myself, know the tell tale signs of fall in Florida all too well.

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5 Ways to Tell it’s Fall in Florida

  1. Hurricane Supplies Becomes Dinner: All of those canned goods that we stocked on slowly make their way to our dinner plates, now that Hurricane Season is officially over.
  2. Lawn Mowing Becomes Less Frequent: Those daily rain showers keep us on our toes, especially when it comes to yard work. The growing starts slowing during fall, meaning we don’t have to push the lawnmower around quite as often.
  3. The Gulf Stops Feeling Like a Bath: During the summertime, the Gulf of Mexico can reach a steamy 88 degrees. Nothing is refreshing about 88 degrees!
  4. License Plates Change: Look around the roads beginning the end of October in to November and you will notice something. Out of state tags. The snowbirds have landed.
  5. You Actually Want to Sit Outside: You don’t break in to a sweat immediately. In fact, it is actually pleasant to sit outside for more than 5 minutes.

Another telltale sign of fall in Florida is the hosting of more get-togethers. I find that Chris and I have many more family and friend get-togethers once the weather cools down and the mosquitoes are no longer in full effect. Fall also hosts a handful of my favorite holidays, such as Thanksgiving and Chris and Avery’s birthdays. A few years ago we were given a fire pit as a gift. Each fall we look forward to pulling the chairs in to the backyard and gathering around a fire with friends and family. Since we do live in the south, it is only appropriate that we serve sweet tea during any family get-together or holiday that takes place in our backyard.

Tell When it's Fall in Florida

I went shopping at my local Walmart and stumbled upon Milo’s Tea. It was located in the refrigerated drinks section, near the orange juice. We started drinking Milo’s Tea. Milo’s Tea Company uses only fresh, natural ingredients in their teas which makes it different than other beverages on the market.  The teas contain no preservatives and no additives. The sweet tea is light and refreshing, and tastes just like my husband’s family recipe!

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Milo’s philosophy was simple – use high quality, fresh, natural ingredients, listen to your customers and never sacrifice taste. In 1989, Milo’s began selling their fresh brewed Famous Sweet Tea to local Birmingham grocery stores and now Milo’s beverages can be found in thousands of retailers across the United States.  Milo and Bea’s vision still guides the company today as Milo’s continues to source only natural ingredients, fresh brew all of their teas and never use colors, acids, additives or preservatives.  Read the simple ingredient list on their juices and teas, and you will see the Difference.  Drink Milo’s and Taste the Difference. You can find Milo’s Tea at your local Walmart in the refrigerated juice section. Buy 2 gallons of Milo’s Tea for just $5 on rollback while supplies last. Your friends and family will thank you during your next holiday get-together! For news and special offers, be sure that you are following Milo’s on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest!


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