how to wear clogs

I have been a big fan of clogs since I was little. My mom wore clogs all the time when I was growing up, so I am sure I got this love from her. I love how versatile they are, how well made they can be and how stylish they look. I think there is a bit of a mystique about wearing this cute footwear as well. Maybe it comes from the beauty of the Swedish people and landscapes where the clogs hail. Maybe it stems from the tale of  The Little Dutch Boy, who is shown wearing a pair of clogs while stopping up the leak with his small finger. You can wear clogs with a variety of outfits any time of the year. For this summer, they will look great with several and here are just a few tips on how to wear clogs:

Ideas for wearing clogs this summer

4 Ideas For Wearing Clogs This Summer

  1. Jeans: I love the look of a pair of classic clogs with a pair of rolled up boyfriend jeans and a casual button down shirt. Add a lightweight jacket or blazer for a look that never goes out of style.
  2. Dresses: Sandal clogs look great with a lightweight and flowing dress with a pretty summer floral summer pattern. There is something grounding about the wooden shoe paired with the lightweight fabric of the dress.
  3. Skirts: I have always loved a denim or corduroy skirt and tights paired with a pair of wedge clogs. I have paired this look with a number of tops including a flowy blouse, a tight fitting tee shirt or a tank with a lightweight cardigan.
  4. Shorts: Believe it or not, shorts can be a chic and fashionable statement when paired with the correct accessories. A tailored pair of shorts with a short sleeved tailored shirt and a vest is adorable. Pair this with a pair of the Sandgrens Clog Boots, you have a stylish and amazing outfit.

sandsgren boots

I fell in love with the clogs from Sandsgren Swedish Clogs from the moment I saw them online. They just spoke to me with their beauty, history and amazing craftsmanship. The company was originally a leather tannery in the mid-1800’s before becoming a designer, manufacturer and distributor of one of the most highly recognized names in the business. When the company came to America, they soon found themselves in the middle of a fashion craze. In the 1970’s, these wooden shoes were a huge phenomenon and the company was selling a million pair annually. The company still makes those popular shoes and they are still as relevant in the fashion industry as ever.

I was sent the New York clog boots from Sandsgren in the brown fudge color, which sell for $280 on their website. I love the deep and rich right color and the soft and luxurious leather. The heel height is perfect for your favorite dress, skirt or jeans and pairs easily with just about anything in your closet. The have an inside-zipper and a v-cut design, and a super cute strap and chic buckle. This shoe has a medium heel with a Swedish Alder wood base and the uber soft Horween Nubuc leather that is fastened with staples. You can find the Sandsgren clogs in wedges, sandals and heels for the entire family. With Sandsgren and you will not find another band who makes a more beautiful or comfortable clog.  Take advantage of the huge Midsummer sale starting June 19th through June 24th. Be sure to stay current with the latest from and follow them on Pinterest and Twitter.

What is your favorite style of clog? Classic, boot, wedge or sandal?