Concrete is the most traditional and versatile material to use when building a patio. Concrete is smooth, clean, and it allows you to create different shapes. Concrete provides permanence, durability, and it is a cheap way to build your patio, especially if you do it yourself. For DIY beginners, you may require a second person to help you. You can also hire a reputable contractor such solid concrete to help you with your project. You may find it easy to make a simple concrete slab, but you require some skills to add textures or patterns. Here are some ways you can effectively use concrete in your backyard.

1.    Pavers

 Concrete pavers come in different shapes, sizes, textures, and even colors. You can also choose to place your concrete slab on top of a sand bed. If you want to eliminate weeds between pavers, you can use cement to join them together. If you’re going to leave some space between them, consider filling the spaces with gravel or pebbles.

2.    Indian Canyons

 These concrete patios are popular in Palm Springs. A desert community with hot temperatures and filled with more hardscape compared to soft capes. This patio is a mid century invention, but it has received numerous updates to fit the modern era. The patio features a classic broom-swept finish, and it is available in almost all colors.

3.    Water-Wise Design

 The colors and materials of this patio are continued outside to connect to the outside of your home. This backyard feature can include pavers, a fire pit, succulents, or a cover to provide filtered shade.

4.    Poured in place

 You can also choose to pour your concrete slabs in place to create a great design. The Elevation Architects designed this backyard feature and made it ideal for any modern house. You can allow grass to grow between the spaces and remember to trim it often to create a lovely view. This patio is available in white, grey, and black colors.

5.    Seamless Transition

 The midcentury idea to have a smooth transition from your indoors to outdoors has persisted to the modern time. The design is ideal for one-story homes. The seamless transition allows you to walk out of your house into a yard with little effort. For such a patio, concrete is the best material.

6.    Palm Springs Patio

 This patio borrows its design from the mid-century ideas. The concrete backyard can include a fire pit that is flush with the ground since you will not often use the feature. You can also add a dining table or a bar. This patio is excellent if you are a party person.

7.    Colored Concrete

 You can have freeform colored slabs that are similar to large flagstone pavers. Allow some space between the slabs and fill them with gravel. The design can include a fire pit, barbecue, or drought-tolerant landscaping.

A concrete backyard is attractive if you add some creativity in your project. With these ideas, you can turn your backyard into a fantastic place to relax.