How You Can Pamper Mom On Mother's Day

Because moms work hard, it is nice to give them a treat on their special day. One thing many moms do not do for themselves very often is to really indulge in something decadent. Of course, decadent means different things to different people, so I suppose I should clarify. When I think of indulging for myself, it is usually with something delicious for my skin or to eat! Since I am working on losing weight, this Mother’s Day I decided I better indulge my penchant for skin care products instead of my go to chocolate cake. I want to introduce you to a company that has a line of products that are exactly what mom would love to receive on her special day. Caudalie is a company based in Bordeaux, France that was started by a husband and wife. From the vineyards on their family estate, they were inspired by the super healthy powers that the vine and grapes could offer our skin. They have worked with an experienced scientist who helped them create a line that has been sold in pharmacies across France and are now available in the states.

Pamper Mom On Mother’s Day

As busy as I am, it seems there are not enough hours in the day to get everything done. I am always running here or there, doing laundry, fixing dinner, working, and so on. I know you can relate right? When was the last time you actually took a nice, long bath or shower? Now let me ask you this. When was the last time you took one without someone pounding on the door asking a question? Exactly! So, in order to get our families to pamper mom on Mother’s Day, we need to suggest a few products of the pampering kind. Here are some deliciously decadent bath and body products you will love!

Caudalie Crushed Cabernet Scrub – $38.00: This signature scrub from the Vinotherapie Spa, inspired the whole body care collection from Caudalie.  The product is derived from the wine of the vineyards of France. It offers strong exfoliation, drains, refines, softens, and nourishes your skin while it also hydrates your skin like nothing you have ever seen. When used consistently, it has shown to have a contouring and slimming effect. Some have seen a decrease in noticeable cellulite. This product has been tested by the Ministry Of France in their laboratories. You can purchase the scrub from Sephora as well as from Caudalie online.

Jason Shaving Lotion – $6.29: This amazing shaving lotion has Jojoba beads that exfoliate your skin and lifts the hair so you get a closer shave. The Aloe Vera gel softens the skin and adds protection to your skin. My husband used this product and said he has NEVER has such a close shave as it did with this product. That is a huge deal as he is very picky and does not throw compliments around.  Back in 1959, A group from California believed in the natural path for beauty products. They began making products for just friends and family as they worked on making the best products they could. They were dedicated to using wholesome products that were safe, were not tested on animals and a promise to always strive to do better.

Hawaiian Body Cocktail Body Wash $8.95: Take your skin on an exotic trip to the Hawaiian Islands where you will find botanicals that pamper the skin. Using sugar cane extract and a secret rum loving ingredient, this product wakes your skin up while soothing it as well. It gently removes the dead skin, leaving freshly hydrated and glowing skin that smells delicious. I do not want to get too personal, but after my shower, my husband was sitting next to me on the sofa. I was trying to work and he was trying to kiss my neck…a lot. I think he liked the smell too! You can purchase the Alba Botanica products from their online storefront. This product comes to you from Alba Botanica, a company that makes 100% all natural and vegetarian beauty products. These products are as gentle on your skin as they are on the planet. Their mission is simple: Do Beautiful. Their botanical based line is formulated to nourish your skin and hair, leaving it smooth, silky and so healthy looking. This team lives by the tried and true saying: Treat others as you would want to be treated, and they include animals and the planet in there as well.

Grapefruit and Geranium Hand & Body Lotion – $12.00: This lotion is absolutely unbelievable! It is made   with grapefruit and geranium oils and Beta-Glucan which will rejuvenate and energize your skin. Almost immediately, you will see a difference in your skin. It is softer, silky and more refreshed. It is perfect for those dry areas that other product do not seem to help. I love the smell and I love how silky smooth my skin feels after I used it. It is awesome on your heels if you have a problem with those getting really dry. You can find this and the other products from Avalon Organics at health food stores, Whole Foods as well as their online storefront. Avalon Organics is committed to creating products made with organic ingredients who has a passion for home-grown sustainability. They are dedicated using all natural products and to help us honor our bodies and our planet.  Their products are all pure, safe and come from sources like botanicals, extracts and essential oils.

One USA reader will win a Crushed Cabernet Scrub from Caudalie ($38.00)


  1. The VInoperfect Day Perfecting Cream SPF15 would be my favorite product that I’d like to try.

  2. I have not tried this product but would like to try the Premier Cru Cream or Premier Cru Eye Cream too.,

  3. I’d like to try the Vinoperfect Radiance Serum. Thanks!
    – Beth Ann Erwin facebook/rafflecopter

  4. I’m addicted to tinted moisturizer, so I would choose the Caudalie Tinted Moisturizer Light to medium skin

  5. I like the Fleur de Vigne Gift Set – that way I’d be able to try out both the fragrance and the shower gel!

  6. I could certainly use some Hand and Nail Cream, with all of the gardening that I’ve been doing this week!

  7. I would like to try the Gentle Cleansing Milk. I wonder how it would make my face feel after cleansing it with this product.

  8. Each of these products looks amazing, I’m a huge fan of body scrubs though, so that’d be my first choice.

  9. I get dry, scaly skin on my arms and legs, so my favorite of these would definitely be the Caudalie scrub. I’d love to try it.

    My all-time favorite product is a facial peel from Boscia. Unfortunately, its really expensive, so I don’t have any right now. I miss it so.

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