Stay Motivated While Losing Weight
How are you doing this week? I am on week 15 with Medifast and I lost another half of a pound, so that brings me to 17.5 pounds lost. I am still heading in the right direction, so I am stoked! I finally got my cast of my leg and I have an ankle support for another 2-3 weeks. I am crossing fingers my doctor gives the ok to get my exercise program started. I know this will help me jump start some weight loss that is in the whole numbers! This week I wanted to talk how you can stay motivated to lose weight. I think on of the biggest obstacles when you are losing weight is your mind and its stinking thinking! At least for me, I am quick to tell myself I can’t do this or I will never do that, so staying motivated gets tough. Here are some great ways to keep your mind positive and looking at the bigger picture:

  • Don’t Compare: One of the worst things you can do is compare yourself to someone else. You cannot look at the super skinny models in the magazines and kick yourself because you do not look like them. I have a skinny sister who I have always compared myself to because she is tall and thin and I am short and not so skinny. After all the years I spent coveting her figure, I found out she was an anorexic and bulimic. Ironically, she was jealous of me all that time!
  • Focus On The Finish Line: Are you getting caught up into what is getting you down today or that half of a pound you wish was 2? If you can shift your focus to the healthy person you will be at the end of your journey, you will be motivated to meet that person!
  • Variety: If you are eating the same thing every day, you are going to get bored and most likely stray from your food plan. If I let myself do that, it can be weeks or even months before I get myself back on track. Try out new foods like a blood orange or an artichoke if you have never had one! Remember that variety is the spice of life as well as your diet!
  • Celebrate The Little Things: Did you drink the amount of water you wanted to drink this week or tried 2 new fruits? Give your self a pat on the back for every thing you do that gets you that much closer to your goal.
  • Paint A Mental Picture: If you are feeling down or want to quit your diet, stop for a minute. Picture what you will look like when you reach your goal weight. What are you wearing then that you cannot wear now? What activities are you participating in that you are not able to do today? Keep thinking that way, so for every negative thought, you can twist it around and make it a good thought!

I hope these simple suggestions will help you in your weight loss journey!  If you are interested in joining Medifast, you can visit them on their website to do so.


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