eprintI was sent the HP DeskJet 3052A e-All-In-One which you can purchase at Walmart and Walmart.com to review. I cannot tell you how much easier this has made my life. My husband just came home from trucking and had to find a new job. His computer had broke, so all we were left with for him to print out applications on was the iPad. Do you know how impossible that is with a standard, every day printer. I always had to stop what I was doing on my laptop to let him access what he needed to print. It was a pain. Then my son would need to print, and we could not get his computer connected to the network without the disk. Pain! With the new HP DeskJet 3052A e-All-In-One, we were able to print from our iPad2s, laptops, desktops, and even our phones! It was so handy for every printing need.

You do not realize how much you need to print until your printer goes on the blink. I print airline tickets, coupons, rebates, contracts, I9s, job applications, coloring sheets, photos and recipes. This was just what I have printed this week! My family is definitely printer-dependent. In the video above, I explain how easy the printer is to use and set up as well as the application that I use to print with on my iPad2. I think my favorite feature is the auto print from anywhere. I can just email right to my printer and have my pictures, coupons, or tickets waiting on me when I get home. Now that is service!

Another thing I really enjoyed was the recycled packaging that the printer came in as well as a handy reusable bag for groceries, overnight at Grandma’s or a weekend at Disney. Thanks to HP, Walmart, and Mom Select for this opportunity!

You can check out more at http://www.walmart.com/HPePrint


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