As many of you know, my husband is an over the road trucker. The poor fellow has been eating meals stored in a little compact refrigerator like one you would see in a college dorm or a “man cave.”  The only meals that he eats hot have been heated at gas station microwaves or a truck-stop. He is coming home in 5 days! I am so excited, but I need to start thinking creatively now. He will be hungry, and hungry for good, homemade food. He will want me covered in flour, kneading dough, and creating culinary masterpieces like Betty Crocker or the Iron Chef.

So, I have started pulling out all my recipes, and I have noticed all my oldies but goodies are packed full of carbohydrates, high-sugar content and lack of general nutrition. Now while these all taste divine, I want to encourage healthy eating for my now sedentary guy. Those in the trucking profession already are at high risk for diabetes and obesity, the latter which my husband already battles; and if a trucker gets diabetes, he is at risk for losing his job.

Because my husband just went to school for his new second career in life, the fact that he just lost his career and had been on unemployment until this job, and more importantly diabetes is not a disease I’d wish on my worst enemy; I have decided to do my part and find, create, beg, borrow, and steal recipes that taste like they are loaded with high carbohydrates and sugars but are healthy.

This is where you come in. Help! I know that some of you out there have got to have a yummy, healthy recipe for me. Help me help my husband and I will publish your recipe on my blog, give you credit and link back to you.  Got Recipe? Email it to me:


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