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I Grow Curiosity #GroSomethingGreater #MakobiGreenhouse

This article is sponsored by Scotts Miracle Gro, a company my family has used for years faithfully even before I was lucky enough to be noticed by them! I remember appearing to my mom on a Sunday morning covered in Scotts Miracle Gro potting soil explaining that I just wanted to see what was in the bag. Kids are naturally curious creatures and often have their hands into everything they can reach. From the time they open their eyes, they are soaking up all the new world has to offer. Over time, as we get bogged down with our mundane lives, we have the tendency to lose the natural curiosity we were born with. What used to be new and exciting, we have seen a million times over. We no longer get excited when a plane flies overhead practically breaking our neck to follow the noise while pointing in the sky. It is a rare occasion when you will find an adult digging around in the dirt trying to find where the little bug just burrowed.

“The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.”
― Albert Einstein

Those of us lucky enough to hold on to our inquisitive nature learn easily and with joy. I am growing the love of learning and cultivating curiosity in my children so they never will want to let it go.

I let them get dirty, take apart my electronics and help out in the kitchen and garden. We take our time to inspect the little things and explore the larger. We pick up our hydroponic plants to examine the root system. Sometimes 6 or 7 times a day.

You never know what might happen in an Aerogarden when you aren’t looking. They cannot see though the container, so of course they want to look at such a fascination. My boys have helped me every step of the way with my (actually our) AeroGarden. They are quick to water when the alert beep goes off. They help pinch the wayward leaves and even taste-test the herbs.


We are so enthralled with our herb garden, we purchased a second Aerogarden to watch the flowers bloom. My kids and I are having so much fun learning!

Mason smelling the Gypsophelia in the Aerogarden

We recently put up a greenhouse in our backyard, and our latest project is seed starting in the Aerogarden.

Jakobi is carefully placing the seeds in the Aerogarden seed starter kit

Think of all the wonderful, curious things we can explore this spring. We will dig up bugs in our yard to see where they go, and every time an airplane passes overhead, we all get excited and point skyward. Even if it is the 4,564 plane I have heard. 

The folks at Scott’s Miracle Grow have started a wicked awesome campaign over at Gro Something Greater. When we grow, we grow more than just plants. These growing stories will show you what’s possible and inspire you to tell your own. You can find my “Gro Curiosity” story on the website as well as enter your own story!

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