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If I had to guess which plant everyone wishes they had in their yard, I would say it was the elusive money tree! Could you imagine every day before you left for work or whatever you have planned for the day, just moseying on out to your money tree. You could just pluck your ration for the day and never have to worry if you would be able to pay the bills or if you could afford take out.

Psssst….growing edible plants is the same thing as growing money! I know it doesn’t look like George Washington is hanging off of your plants branches, but what you do grow translates to money saved. Money saved on one item equals more money you can spend on another.

Aerogarden-money plants

This is my third Aerogarden I have in my home. I bought this one just to play with. It is a corner spacing one, so it doesn’t take up too much room. I am growing catnip, savory, chamomile, snapdragons, lavender and the one not sprouted yet is stubborn spinach. All edible, all used in my home frequently. Catnip alone from the store costs $7 for a tiny bag. I have a fresh plant I can prune & it keeps on growing which cost me around $2.45.

Aerogarden strawberries

In my second Aerogarden, I have strawberries & garlic growing. My kids are strawberry freaks and they do not let them hang out on the plant too long before they are eaten. The garlic helps to keep away the bugs and doesn’t take up too much space. After it grows a root base, I put it outside in the garden. Could you put a price on year-round fresh strawberries?

Aerogarden Herbs

This is my very first Aerogarden I got. It has 3 kinds of basil, dill, parsley and geraniums! I have never been able to grow dill until I got an Aerogarden, and now I have enough to pickle a yard of cucumbers. The basil growing is lemon, thai and globe (all which taste completely different). If you bought basil fresh from the store (which I used to do), it was $7 a pop. I got 3 basil varieties for under $7! Basil grows so fast, I also am the basil supplier for my mom and grandma. I am saving my whole family money! In addition to growing “money,” I also grow peace and I grow curiosity. I also urge you to read my gardening with kids post to see how you can involve them in your gardening efforts. I would love to hear what you grow, and so would Miracle-Gro. They created a website at Gro Something Greater to collect all your stories!

Tell me, what do you grow?
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