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I Just LOVE A Fashionable Handbag With Room

I love handbags, purses, tote bags and anything else I can carry my life around in! One of the things I loved most about carrying around a diaper bag was how much stuff I could put in it. The baby was lucky if I had room for their essentials once I got all of my junk in there! Even before I had kids, I always carried a big bag because I multi-task while I am on the go. I need a bag that looks goo but will also be large enough for my wallet and personal stuff as well as my phone, computer and or tablet, snacks for the kids, activities for them and maybe a snack for myself. What I have had a problem with was finding a bag that I loved the look of that had enough space and pockets to fit what I needed. Everything ting I found was either like a beach tote that was waterproof and had no pockets or a diaper bag which I didn’t need anymore. I finally ended up carrying 3 different bags with me because they were the only ting I found that was cute and would fit all my stuff. When I was offered a bag from The Velvet Pepper, I could not believe I finally found exactly what I needed!

A Fashionable Handbag With Room

After reading the story of the two creators from Velvet Pepper, I knew I was not alone in my quest for the perfect bag. Stacee Sparrow and Brittany Andrus wanted to design a line of bags that would work for the busy modern woman. By combining the function of a diaper bag with the style of a good looking purse, the result was a fashionable handbag with room for everything you need when you are on the go. Stacee has a gift for colors and fashion and Brittany’s is with patterns and shapes and the two were able to create the perfectly beautifully unique bag for moms like me. There are 7 collections from Velvet Pepper to choose from as well as a customized bag option as well. I had a tough time narrowing down my choice because all of the bags from Velvet Pepper are so darn good looking!  I finally decided on the Whitney Collection in brown and I chose the pack, which is the larger of the 2, with the other being a standard handbag size. First of all, I love the tiered ruffles of different fabrics that make up the outside of the bag.  I think the fabric choices are really playful and are some I would never have thought to put together. The inside of the bag is large enough for my 15.6″ computer, my wallet, the kids tablets, snacks, hand sanitizer, my phone and a bunch of other stuff! I carry this bag everywhere and have out away all of my other bags because they are not as functional as this one for me nor are they anywhere close to how cute this bag is. You can by your Whitney Pack for $189 from Velvet Pepper from their online store as well as all of their other bags which range in price from $24.99 to $279.99.

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