I am currently switching around and optimizing my blog. Yes, again! since I have started Stumbling with Stumble Upon, I would like to move my blog to a more evergreen status. Here is what I want to do, and I would love your input.

I would like to remove the “giveaway” portion to closed giveaways and replace it with an excerpt something like “The giveaway portion of this post has been removed. You can find the winner on the winner’s wall.”

This is what I am hoping this will accomplish:

  • My readers will always know what giveaways are available and open. I would remove the “tag” giveaway as well, so the would not show up in the listing.
  • Evergreen posts–no more going to a post and think you have a chance to win. Wasting your time on invalid entries.
What do you think?

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