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Iams Shakeables

When my daughter was six months old we bought her a boxer puppy. To this day Maddilyn and Zoey have been completely inseparable ever since. While Zoey is a family dog the relationship she has with my daughter is incredibly special. She is Maddilyn's guardian and best friend. But there came a time, when Zoey and Maddilyn turned two, that we started talking about expanding our family. It sounds funny to say it, but we were deciding between a baby and a puppy….

Iams Shakeables

Meet the third addition to our family and the BEST Birthday present ever, my baby Mac. When I saw him available for pick up on my birthday I knew it was meant to be. He is the perfect little lap bog, but big enough to keep up with the three year olds. But I may have forgot a few things from when Zoey was a puppy. Like it's known to do time has made memories of those puppy days hazy. I forgot how much work it can be to train a puppy! But it wasn't long until I was reminded of how much work it can be! Persistence and patience are key to success but I've found  that positive reinforcement is the key with kids (human and other wise). Potty training both Mac and Zoey was difficult as they both have a very stubborn streak. Positive reinforcement was a life savor especially when we used treats as a reward. It would have been great to have Iams Shakeables on hand.

Iams Shakeables are soft and chewy dog treats made with real ingredients – no added sugar, dyes or artificial preservatives. With flavors like Lamb, Chicken, and Turkey even our fussy Mac would like them. While we're thankfully past the potting training phase Iams Shakeables are great as a reward after our daily walk, teaching tricks or curbing "bad" habits.

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