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I have always had a love for learning and actually liked school for the most part. When I went back to college when I was in my 40’s, I forgot how much I loved being in school. Granted, it was really stressful being in nursing school, but I still loved it. My kids are also lovers of learning and do well in school. Even when we are home, we are always teaching the kids whenever the opportunity arises, especially with my home schooling Henry. One of our favorite subjects is science and social studies because Henry really loves learning about the work around us. He loves to be outside and constantly asks questions, discovers bugs, plants and anxiously awaited the recent meteor shower. Nat Geo has added some incredible books to their library that are going to get kids excited about learning.

Get Kids Excited About Learning

One of the reasons we have cable (besides my husband’s obsession with ESPN) was educational programming for kids. We watch a lot of PBS and the Nat Geo channel. We absolutely love the information and compelling cinematography you can find on Nat Geo. There is nothing like seeing a huge hippo coming out of the water rather than reading about it in a text book. For me, text books are part of the reason we have trouble to get kids excited about learning. Many of us a visual learners but if you have a bunch of words and a small and dull photo, who wants to get excited about that? With the new books from Nat Geo, we anticipated getting them more so than any review in this genre I can remember.

Wow is all I can say about these jaw dropping photos and the short and to the point interesting information. For me, I need tools for home schooling that do not seem like they are a teaching tool. These books are exactly what I was looking for and both Henry and Caitlin cannot put them down! They are so interesting and the pictures are beyond any description I could offer. We received
Get Kids Excited About Learning

  • Myths Busted which is filled with the craziest myths from around the world. The myths cover a variety of historical and scientific truths but also include fictional “facts” that they just love. With the Nat

ional Geographic Kids Almanac 2014 the kids are treated to amazing animals, cool inventions, Henry’s favorite subjects, dinosaurs and robots as well as games and activities. The last book we received 100 Places That Can Change Your Child’s Life which transports you from your living room to an exotic trip all over the world. These books have become a favorite addition to our library and we are enjoying them to the fullest.

One USA reader will win one copy of National Geographic Kids Almanac 2014 ($21.94) and Myths Busted ($7.95)


  1. I like the puzzles & quizzes section, specifically the water whiz. We use to get the kids magazine, that was interesting to read even for adults.

  2. I like the planetarium and I would love to get the monthly subscription to National Geographic for kids 🙂

  3. I like the Road Trip Word Game – it would be fun to play with kids traveling. Also the National Geographic Kids Magazines are wonderful. Thanks.

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