iHealth Bluetooth Body Scale

I definitely have a love-hate relationship with scales but the iHealth Bluetooth Body Scale may be the scale to change all that.  Ever since I hit my 20s, I have tried to incorporate diet and exercise into my life.  With the life changes of marriage and having children, I have definitely been off and on diets most of my 20s and 30s, trying to get back my pre-baby body!  I tend to rely on the numbers of the scale to determine how my dieting has been going.  Unfortunatley many of the scales I have used in the past are inconsistent and once I do weight myself, its hard to keep track of my numbers.  With the developnent of “smart phones”, it makes it much easier to track calories and weights on your phone.  I love that the iHealth Bluetooth Body Scale makes it easy to keep track of your weight and track your success!

Body Weight Scale

There are many body weight scales on the market, so what makes the iHealth Bluetooth Body Scale better than the rest?  Easy!  It not only accurately calculates your weight but it will save and track your results and even help you share with others!  The iHealth Body Scale works directly with the iHealth Digital Scale app, which can easily be downloaded for free on iTunes.  Its easy to connect the iHealth Scale to your iPhone using Bluetooth.  Directions are included with the scale.  The scale can also be  used with a iPod Touch and iPad, as well as your iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS.  I love the portability of the scale.  I’m not always at home on my weigh-in days so its easy to bring the scale with me where ever I go and easily store my weight in my phone.  Not only does it store your weight, but you can track your progress using simple graphing tools.  Its really motivating watching the numbers keep going down!  The read out on the scale is digital and breaks down to the tenth of a pound so you really get an accurate weight.  You can also email your weights to your family, friends or even your health care professional!  This is the latest technology in health and weight loss!  You can purchase the iHealth Bluetooth Body Scale for $69.95.

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