IPad AccessoriesI really enjoy my iLuv WorkStation™ (iMM737) and this would make the perfect Mother’s Day gift for me or any mom with Apple technology. It has transformed my iPad into more then just another tablet I really did not need. I had rarely used my iPad before I got the WorkStation, and now I use my iPad all the time.  You can download the iLuv app and it can turn your iPad into an alarm clock which is super convenient for me since I was in recently in the market for one.  I keep the iLuv  WorkStation on my nightstand just for this reason and in doing so I figured out it can now double as a TV.

My boys are 2 and 4 years old, and both of them can utilize the iPad by themselves. We have the Netflix app and more often than not one or the other one can be caught sifting through the kid station with their head propped back on my pillow.  The WorkStation supports the iPad in the perfect position, so they can swipe and scroll without having to worry about holding the iPad itself which helps to alleviate my fear of them dropping it and cracking the screen.  This feature is my favorite because when Mason toddles in my room at 5:30 am, he can sit next to me, turn on Netflix and chill out while I continue to sleep!

iLuv Work Station

Docking your iPad or iPhone with the WorkStation is simple. All you have to do is slide your iPad/iPhone into the clips and insert the connector. Once you have them linked together everything works perfect. No software/hardware downloads needed, or any special drivers. It is truly a simple plug and play. As soon as you are connected to your iLuv WorkStation the keyboard works and the device attached starts to charge.

Because the Workstation is so compact you can transport it easily from room to room, so when my oldest is over and needs to log on while I am working, he can do so from the den, but I admit I use it mostly as a TV and radio in my room! The iLuv WorkStation™ (iMM737) has made me fall in love with my iPad all and actually start using it. Thank goodness I was exposed to the workstation. I was beginning to feel like Apple technology had been wasted on me. You can purchase the WorkStation for $149.99 and works with the iPad, iPad2, iPhone and the new iPad. ILuv also carries a variety of accessories for tablets, smart phones and other Apple tech.  iLuv is doing a Mother’s Day promo in their online store. With the promo code iLuvMom2012 you can get 25% off everything in iLuv’s store. The promotion is live right now and can be used through Mother’s Day. You can find them on Facebook and on Twitter @iluv_world