This blog post is part of a paid SocialMoms and UltraShape blogging program. The opinions and ideas expressed here are my own. Are you a mom? Are you happy with how your body ended up after a pregnancy? How about 2? How about 3 at age 35? Yikes! Did you know it is MUCH HARDER to lose weight the older you get? Me too! Go figure!
Yikes! I was 135 when I got pregnant and 210 pounds when I went in the hospital. I took home a 9 pound baby and weighed 215. I worked my booty off literally to get down to 135 again as you can tell by all my crazy diet posts. I even had tickle liposuction to get rid of banana rolls. Ha! You can see I still have them, and the recovery from that was painful and took FOREVER. I still have tiny scars. You can hear all about it in my confessional video below.

I am going to my first UltraShape tomorrow to try out the new, clinically-proven, totally safe and effective body-shaping treatment. I am really excited to try UltraShape because you are supposed to get results rather quickly in 3 short 45 minute sessions.
The fat around my belly is pretty stubborn and seems to be highly resistant to diet and exercise.  I am a fairly active gal. I am on the water often either on my SUP or a kayak and I hula hoop like a kid! You would think the simple act of hula hooping would help the situation a tad.
I do burn 110 calories every 10 minutes while hula hooping. However, I am a super busy mom so I am not as consistent as I should be? I watch what I eat, and well darn it, I deserve it!
bikini boca resort
At this angle I am not half bad, but there is some creative photography going on as well as special angles and a strategically placed coconut. I am a confident woman and I am happy with the way I look, but ultimately we all want to be in UltraShape. It is why we exercise and eat a sensible diet.  Instead of the surgeries, extreme workouts and fad diets, I am going to relax and achieve my UltraShape. Stay tuned over the next 10 weeks to see what happens on my #UltraYou journey.
I’m not the only one! Over the next few weeks you can follow along in the journey of ten SocialMoms Ambassadors as they receive the UltraShape procedure to get their best body.