Having a puppy can be one of the most rewarding things you can do in life. Dogs are one of the most forgiving animals on this planet whose sole purpose is to serve its master. Just like a pack of wolves, dogs are born with a pack mentality and they’re looking for a pack leader.

Have you ever seen an anxious dog that barks, bites, or simply ruins everything in its path? This dog is aimlessly lost because it never received guidance from its pack leader. A dog’s basic genetic trait is to look for someone to look up to and serve.

Establishing Home Rules

People often wonder when is the right time to start training their cute little home wrecker. The training should begin from the moment you bring the puppy home. You need to make definite boundaries and create a plan from the beginning without any confusion for the puppy.

Dogs are very smart animals and there are many ways to train them. It’s more than likely that, if you stick to a certain training technique and you are confident, the puppy will catch on quickly.

If you keep the dog inside, it is good to establish a specific routine of taking the puppy outside to relieve itself. Especially first thing in the morning. Once it does its business, Reward, Reward, Reward your puppy for his good behavior

How Important is the Leash?

This is by far one of the most overlooked things of asserting dominance and being the leader from the beginning. Everyone has seen the sad sight of a puppy dragging its owner down the street and basically doing as it pleases around town.

This is by far the worst thing you can do for a dog. If a dog does not have a leader then it will be out of control, bite, bark, and act out in many different ways. The very first step in most, if not all training, is to establish who is boss with the leash.

Controlling your dog on a leash is also the first step in most canine and other dog training scenarios. Most trainers will use a choke collar of varying sizes which depends on the size of your buddy. The choke collar looks intimidating but if done correctly and swiftly, the dog will be trained on the choke collar very fast.

The collar enables you to make very swift and fast pulls which will signal the dog to correct its behaviour. You need to make sure that the collar is not upside down. In that case, the chain will not slide correctly and will stick.

It is very important to know what you are doing when training a puppy to make sure you do not harm your buddy. So, before starting the training process, inform yourself.

The leash is the integral part of the training process when the dog will learn to heel and listen. Once trained well, it will listen even without the leash but it has to start somewhere.

Let’s Play!

When training a dog with the leash, it is important to have breaks and playtime. During playtime, a lot of trainers will use ball throwers or nerf dog toys, fastdogs.org offer in their buyer’s guide. It is important for the puppy to understand play vs training to keep it healthy and happy.

Some trainers, will take breaks and when taking the leash off they will associate the same word every time with play such as “free”. When training a dog you need to create a healthy balance of being a confident leader, rewarding your buddy when it does well, and also having a good time during breaks and playtime.