If you are a traveling soul, you need good gear to get you by. Speaking of which, you need high-quality travel bags that can survive brave new worlds and hours of punishment without breaking. Speaking of which, following we are giving you basic guidelines about how to spend wisely when you buy new travel bags, please read the following guidelines with great care.

Size: No one under-packs for a trip; it’s always over-pack. So more space will be good, but you need a limit. The max is 50 lb, overweight means you will pay more taxes, so you better make sure you stay in the limit with given space.

Bags sold under the tag of lightweight don’t always live to their word. A carry-on bag shouldn’t weigh more than 10 lbs, so ensure it has the weight written on sales tag.

Most lightweight bags are sod sided; the stuffing needs space and weight. But a hard side piece can risk damage to your stuff. So, you need a good balance between lightweight and stuffing.

Durability: Luggage is no less than a car; you need to kick its tires before investing your money. Give it a try, and check the specs. Therefore, you have to pay close attention to stuff that easily breaks off. The sensitive stuff is wheels, handles, zippers, and straps.

So if you want your investment to pay off, you need to pay attention to critical stuff including to stitching, hardware, and seams.

Overall Built: This is yet another important factor you should look into, after all, you are investing your money in it. When you look into the construction of quality traveling bags, you need to care for the following:

  • Fabric
  • Waterproofing
  • Frame

If the thing has an inner frame, you need fiberglass as it offers incredible strength and has lightweight. In case you prefer fabric, get something tough and lightweight, the ideal choice is ballistic nylon. You also want your bag to be water- resistant.

Brand, and Guaranty: There are many brands when it comes to quality, and overall reliability, but only a few stand true to their word.

Some brands offer a lifetime warranty, and will even repair your bag for free. Unfortunately, they don’t make the ideal choice. You would rather spend money for quality, instead of a money saver.  You better pay for 2-5 years warranty, because the most you will get out of your bad is ten years.

It’s the ideal use time; most warranties cover issues in the artistry and bad materials. Warranties are good, but never make it the deciding factor of anything you buy.

Try Creative: This piece of advice is for style, avoid the bland colors, especially black, you better get something creative. Hard case luggage in trend and they are offered with great designs. So, it’s fair to say these quality traveling bags no less than moving pieces of art. If you are upgrading to something better, you better make it nice.