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Starting out or even veteran bloggers wonder how they are going to get traffic to their site. Some people just want their posts to be seen! A lot of bloggers spend a lot of time and energy carefully crafting their posts knowing that once a person drops by, they will get a regular reader; but how do you get your blog out their for people to see?

Traffic Exchange Sites

One of the ways is utilizing traffic exchange sites.  A traffic exchange site is where you, as a user, exchanges traffic with another site usually by manually visiting the site via their dashboard or by posting a widget on your site to facilitate the traffic exchange. If you are going to post a widget however, you need to make sure the site is “safe” for your readers that you are exchanging with. I exchange widget traffic with Crowd Ignite because they are a “mom-centered” traffic site and I know the information will be relevant to my readers. Below (in the footer)is an example of what one of their widgets looks like. You can customize the color and size to fit the space that you need it to go and to blend it in with your blog. is a traffic referral site where you use their dashboard to visit other sites, and you plug in your site to the surfing queue. You can tailor the language you want the visitors to speak to ensure that you get “leads” from people who can read your blog. The sites are evaluated to make sure that they do not contain malware or harmful software. Some of these traffic exchange sites have payment options and referral options as well.

The question that I first asked was, ” Will this traffic convert to repeat users?” I utilize Google analytics in live time and it shows me right on my website where the links come from and where they go to, and I would say 1/3 of the visits I have received from these sites go on to click another page on my website. So, this not only helps with my traffic, but with my Alexa ranking as well. Sometimes all it takes is for a great site to be seen for the world to know what awesome content it has!

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