I love being a nurse and being able to spend my time away from my children helping others.  What I don’t love, is the uniform! In nursing school, it was all white (no hat though luckily)!!  Once I graduated and started working in the “real world”, I was able to chose what scrubs I wore.  I tried to always dress neatly and professionally, while trying to add a little style to my outfits.  As many of you know, scrubs aren’t the most fashionable items of clothing and there is sometimes little to do to improve that.  The pants always seem to be loose in all the wrong places and the straight cut scrubs tops do nothing to flatter your figure!  There are some restrictions at work regarding what scrubs we wear as well as nail polish color and jewelry.  I used to love wearing beaded badge holders around my neck but they seemed to end up in some messy situations anytime I bent over!

Needless to say, I was super excited to discover personalized ID badge reels by Initially Yours by Heidi!  I was sent a beautiful ID badge reel with a big lime freen letter M on it for Meredith!  The fabric on the badge reel is beautiful!  Pink, green and white floral design with accents of gold in the fabric.  The pattern is subtle enough that it would match most of my scrubs and would add a lot of personality to my solid color scrubs.  It measures approximately 1.5 inch round and is firmly attached to the clip.  It has withheld the true test of durability every evening when I arrive home to big hugs and tugs from my one and four year old!  The badge reel extends about 25 inches long which is perfect so I can use the key pads in the hospital to open doors without removing my badge every time!  The personalized ID badge reel has added convenience as well as fashion into my boring scrubs!  The ID badge reels sell for only $7 each!!  I will definitely be keeping this in mind for a personal and affordable Christmas gifts for all my nursing friends!  And these are not just for nurses!  The ID badge reel is perfect for anyone who wears a badge to work!!

Initially Yours By Heidi also sells adorable pacifier clips, key fobs, and coordinating hair bows and clippies, adult and teen headbands and earrings!!  Follow them on Facebook for updates on new products and photos!

The giveaway portion of this post has been removed and you can find the winner on the winner’s wall. This review and giveaway was provided at no cost, but the opinions expressed are still 100% my own.


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