Florida Orange Juice DEmoThere are a lot of reasons why you might want some good fundraising ideas for your young children. Maybe you are involved with their school, primary group or an organised group like Brownies or Cubs, or perhaps your child has expressed an interest in helping a specific cause like animals, or people in less privileged parts of the world. If you and your child want to raise money for a charity, then there are loads of ideas out there, but those that use modern technology can often be the most appealing to kids! Here are some innovative ideas:

Design Some Cards

Thanks to modern print technology it is possible to create great, professional looking greetings cards using kids’ own designs. Companies like IQ Cards specialise in helping schools and children’s’ groups make cool Christmas cards and cards for other occasions out of designs done by kids. There are lots of people who love the idea of cute greetings cards with kids’ designs, and it can be easy to market the cards via your school or kids’ club’s social media profiles when you have them. You can expect decent sales just from the parents and grandparents of the children who made the designs!

Dress Up Days

Kids tend to love dressing up and this can make a normal day at primary school into an amazing occasion! There are various themes you can go with, but if you talk to your child’s school about perhaps hosting a day when they can dress in accordance with a certain theme in exchange for a small donation, then this can raise a good sum of money. It is similar to those days at the office where you pay to wear jeans, but kids may prefer to dress up as characters from their favourite movies or cartoons rather than just wearing their own weekend gear!


Selling kids’ crafts can be another good fundraising option. Children learn to do all kinds of crafts at school, and some of them actually do come out as good enough to sell! Whether it’s marbled paper, children’s art, dyed eggs for Easter or creative things they have made out of moulding clay, you can hold a fair to sell of their crafts!

Sponsored Activities

Just as you may sponsor your friend from work when she runs a half marathon for cancer awareness, people will happily sponsor kids when they do something that is challenging to them. It doesn’t have to be as intense as a run or other athletic activity, but things like sponsored reading, sponsored sports, sponsored silences and other activities kids can get on board with can be great money raising ideas.

Children tend to love the idea of raising money for causes that capture their imaginations, and so if your own kid is interested in raising funds or your school or youth group needs more money, trying some of these ideas can help raise money. Inspiring kids to care about causes can also be an important part of preparing them for adult life!