Innovative Furniture Designs For Kids

Innovative Furniture Designs For Kids

Instead of buying the same boring old decor for your little one, why not look into innovative furniture designs for kids.  I firmly believe that if you buy fun furniture for your kids, you will in turn have happy kids!  I know it sounds silly but after we got the kids new furniture and started decorating with unique, colorful and fun items, they started spending more time in their rooms.  Before the new furniture, the kids had cheap metal beds my sister handed down to us and they each had a plain brown dresser and very little decorations on the walls.  Now the kids have some really great things in their room like a cool media center, a modular desk and quirky art for the walls.  I think the kids were a little embarrassed to have friends over but now they are eager to show off their new rooms.

Levels of Discovery is an amazing company that sells fun and different furniture that are colorful, unique and unexpected.  In 2001, Jeff Hutsell, a father of 3, decided to create products for children that enabled them to discover the unexpected.  For example, the Rock A Buddies Schoolhouse Rocker that has all the classic items connected to a school, but with a twist.  The rocker has a flip up desk and a pencil box armrest that slides open to store your pencils, crayons or chalk.  If you pull the chalk on the lid, a music box plays the ABC song!  Hence the “levels of discover”.  That is just fantastic!
Fun Storage Solutions For Kids Rooms

Fun Storage Solutions For Kids Rooms

With our closet and storage space limited, I have been looking for fun storage solutions for kid’s rooms.  Henry has a ton of animals but we have nowhere to put them.  I thought if I could find a way to “hide” them, he would still have them nearby but they were not all over his room for me to trip over.  Levels of Discovery had the perfect thing with their Firefighter Bench seat with storage ($189.99).  This bench is so stinking adorable and Henry LOVES it!  There is a little Dalmatian and a fireman sliding down poles, the arms are part of a ladder, there is a bell and there is even a little hidden compartment to hide your valuables!  This is probably the best thing Henry has ever owned.  *Please note that since we did not have a black and white dog to guard the firehouse, we decided to have a black and white cat instead*

I want to share a story with you about the excellent customer service department Levels of Discovery has.   I was originally to review a revolving bookcase ($159.95) but it was damaged in transport. I emailed Angie at Levels of Discovery and explained what happened and she asked if I still had the box it came in because that would enable her to receive credit from the shipper.  Well it rained the night we got the bookcase and the box was ruined.  In less than 4 days, I received a package from the company and it was the Firefighter bench.  I emailed Angie and told her I would be happy to ship the bookcase back and she told me not to worry about it.  Isn’t it nice to know that behind a great company are people like Angie to take care of you?  It is a comfort to me knowing Angie’s customers are her priority, which is something not many companies can claim.  Thank you Angie for your sweetness, which turned a tearful boy into a happy boy within just a few days.

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