One of my favorite parts of bedtime with my kids is curling up and reading a good book.  My three year old son Tate loves reading and we’ll often find him in his room after we put him to bed, thumbing through one of this favorite books.  My one year old daughter Reagan is now just getting old enough where she will start to sit for a short story.  As a mom, I love incorporating fun and educational books into their nighttime routine.  I was very excited when I was approached to review books from Innovative Kids.    Innovative Kids offers a wide variety of books for all ages and reading levels.  What I love most about their bright and colorful website and catalog, is that all their products are categorized by age, so I know that I am picking out an age appropriate books that my children will love.  In addition, their catalog includes an educational standards guide which shows how their products promote cognitive, social-emotional and physical skill development.

The book I received for my son is called “Why Do We Recycle” and is part of the Little Pirate series!  The Little Pirate Series is dedicated to making science simple!  This book investigates what happens to the garbage we throw out.  My son loves garbage trucks and is glued to the window on garbage pickup day.  But we have never discussed what happens after the garbage is picked up.  This book was a fun way to introduce him to trash, recycling and how to reduce our waste.    The book was informative and educational, yet engaging for my three year old.  At the end of the book, there were “pirate crafts” that can be made by reusing old materials such as a plastic bottle and newspapers!

The book I received for my daughter is called Ocean and is part of the Soft Shapes collection!  My daughter loves bathtime so I was so excited to review a book that she was able to enjoy in the bath!  The Soft Shapes Ocean book is not only a great book but a puzzle.  The turtle, whale, octopus and seahorse pop out of the book so my daughter could play with them.  The rhyming words of the book engaged my daughter and each one is a clue to the animal on the page.  My son loved hearing this book too and helped his sister pick the right animals!

Whether it be award winning books, toys and puzzles or reading programs, Innovative Kids has the educational products you will love for your children!  Follow them on Facebook to keep up to date on their newest award winning products!

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