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My garbage disposal recently went out on me.  One night it just started making a weird whirring noise and water would no longer drain.  It was about nine years old, but what I found was that it was a very small food disposer.  Our kitchen is basically builder grade, and I’m sure that they were trying to save money by going with the smallest disposer available.  The good people at InSinkErator sent me their Evolution Excel model, and they sent me a good one!  My original disposer was 1/3 hp, and the new one they sent was a full 1 hp!  I was excited to try out the InSinkErator Home Garbage Disposal System!

It wasn’t too difficult to install (or so I’m told).  My husband had never installed one before, but had it done within about a half hour.  He turned it on to test it and it made a very quiet whirring sound – the same sound that the old one made when it broke.  I started to get concerned that the problem wasn’t the disposer, but my husband reassured me that the new disposer was turning and working properly.  I couldn’t believe how quiet it was, and was still convinced that once we put any substantial amount of food down it, the sink would clog, just as my old one did.

InSinkErator Home Garbage Disposal System

He finished hooking up the plumbing attached to it and found some food to give it a whirl.  It was still whisper quiet, and the food went down quickly and easily!  I still couldn’t believe how quiet it was, and took a look down the drain just to confirm (for about the sixth time) that it was actually working.  There was no food left down there!  I was floored!  This InSinkErator Home Garbage Disposal System was MUCH superior to the one I had previously installed, and quite honestly, is the best one I’ve ever used.  Plus, what I think is the best part is that there’s no longer any loud grinding noise when I dispose of my food!

The InSinkErator Evolution Excel Food Waste Disposer is available on Amazon right now for $318.89 OR you can win one right here!  InSinkErator is giving one lucky Makobi Scribe reader the same model food waste disposer that I tried!  You can enter on the Giveaway Tools form & get bonus entries on Facebook. More emphasis is placed on the saharing aspect of the new tool I am trying out on Facebook.

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