In the modern world there is a lot of focus on technology, emails, text messages and such – so it’s more important than ever to create a space where you can be free from all of those distractions and focus on yourself.  We have put some tips together as to how you can create the perfect meditation space for your well being.

Motivate yourself

The first thing you need to create the perfect meditation space is motivation!  You need to want to actually make it happen.  See it as a goal for yourself, analyse the benefits it will have on your life and your overall wellbeing – and put a timeframe in place so there is an achievable target. 

Create a Private Space

One thing that is critical for a meditation space is privacy.  As such, identifying a private space is a priority.  Ideally, this would be away from the regular activity of your home. One option to consider is contacting Armstrong Steel, who produce steel buildings quickly and easily that would be perfect if you have enough room in your property.  They are customisable on the exterior, and on the interior – you can of course decorate as you would like.

Create Boundaries

Once you have your space set out, you need to make sure that you set boundaries.  When you are in there meditating, you don’t want people walking in and out.  You also don’t want it to be used for anything else, as clutter can defeat the purpose of what you are going for. Even simple things like putting a personalised “Do Not Disturb” sign on your door can help you create those boundaries. 

Make it Feel Like Home

It’s essential that you feel comfortable – so ensure you add some homely touches.  It could be special accessories such as a meditation cushion you incorporate, a picture or photograph that’s important to you, a book that you keep going back to – or even just a blanket that is special to you to give you some additional comfort.  Pick something that will remind you of a normal space.  Candles and incense are often popular additions to mediation space that also have a calming effect.

Select some Soothing Music

Music can make you think, feel and connect you to your senses.  there are lots of options when it comes to nature sound effects that you can download onto your phone or mp3 player.  If you make sure you listen to this for even just 3-5 minutes when you get into your meditation space, you will find that this can help aid the relaxation of your mind, body and spirit before you start to meditate. If you don’t find it too distracting, you could even keep it on during meditation if the volume is low.

If you are looking for the best way to create a meditation space where you can really practice mindfulness without all the distractions – make sure you take a look at this list and implement what you can.