A child’s mind is a wonderful thing. It’s open and ready to soak up as much knowledge as possible. It’s our responsibility as parents to guide and nurture their intellectual growth. That starts with the toys we choose to give them as children. There are plenty of choices out there for toys that inspire creative learning for every age group. Back in the day we things like erector sets and your basic Legos to build whatever our minds could imagine. Well it’s a new era and things have changed. Here’s the next generation of exploratory learning toys to inspire the creative genius in every child.


Creatively Inspired Learning Tools


The Geo401. It spins! It lights up! Use the 70 pieces of 5 different geometric shapes to build your space station, deathstar or any other original constructions they can dream up.


The Geo211 has 30 pieces of 5 different geometric shapes that allow you to build out the lunar rover to your desired specs. Just build and go!


The Geo302 Mars Explorer comes with 51 pieces that allow for multiple configurations. Build it to suit mission parameters fire it up and start exploring using the remote control.

Geosmart is a magnetic building toy that wi inspire creative learning in children from 5 years old. Each and every piece has magnets that are protected by a double safety system. A stainless steel cap covering the strong magnets is locked onto an ABS core, which is covered by a double high quality polycarbonate housing. This patented stainless steel magnet locking system makes GeoSmart the safer and stronger toy that’s easier to clean and stand up to whatever your future engineer can dish out. Bright colors and unique playing elements, makes Geosmart the smart choice for safety and durability during endless creative play! Geosmart stacking blocks are available from your favorite online retailers. So what are you waiting for? Sit back in wonder as your child’s imagination runs wild and they begin to build their future.

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