puppet monsters

Ppuppet monster

When children are young, it is important to include imaginative play to help develop their young minds. Erik Erikson, the famed child psychologist who is known for naming the stages in one’s life said, “Imaginative play is a precursor of conceptual thought, in which possibilities are explored upon the inner “stages” of a child’s imagination”. What this quote means in “mommy speak” is that all the flashcards and math drills in the world can’t beat good old fashioned creative play! Studies have shown that children who are encouraged to pretend play are more prepared for school. Those same studies go on to say that adults who had plenty of pretend playtime as children went on to be better planners, goal setters and problem solvers than adults who did not. My boys love to pretend and make believe and I have a blast doing it with them. It is so much fun to let myself be a kid and use my imagination as well! Puppet Monsters is a great toy that has my boys growling, grimacing and making all kinds of scary monster sounds all over the house!

Inspire Imagination In Children

Puppet Monsters is a toy that opens up a huge world of potential pretend scenarios for your child. If you want to get your kids out from in front of the TV or their video game system, Puppet Monsters will get their attention. The different pieces that make up the Puppet Monsters fit on your child’s hands and head and can be easily put together by small hands. The bright and furry monsters have a variety of button holes and ways kids can attach the eyes, ears, nose and other monster parts. If you are trying to help your child with their fine motor skills, Puppet Monsters are an awesome tool that your kid will love working with. Puppet Monsters inspire imagination in children by using the different pieces to put together a ton of different looks. When you are done with your Puppet Monster for the day, the pieces of the monster can be stored inside the monster. Parents will love that the Puppet Monsters are machine washable so sticky fingers are no match for these monsters! There are 6 different monsters to choose from including Silly Dragon, Big Beak and Dizzy Antlers and comes with a choice of 6 accessory kits like Funny Duck, Furry Octopus or Wacky Bear. Because the Monsters and accessory kits are interchangeable, you can have unlimited combinations for hours of fun. You can purchase a Puppet Monster for your child online for $19.95. you can use Promo code PUPPET for $5 off!

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  1. i loveeee them allll!! how could one choose? lol i would want to buy all the accessories and keep switching it up

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