Neato VacuumHere is Neato!  Actually we call her Gabby! Neato keeps things, well, neat.  It never miss a spot, it actually takes a survey of the room to map out where all the furniture, objects, and doorways are before it even makes a move.  Once the Neato has mapped out the room, it goes to work cleaning in a pattern of straight and overlapping lines.  It continues to avoid obstacles, furniture, stairs and pets by constantly using its sensor to scan the area. My favorite thing is that you can set it for a time to clean the house. So if you need the house vacuumed while you sleep, just program it in. You can set it for a different schedule every day of the week. It cleans the house and reports right back to where it came from and you would never even know it!

Neato was created by Neato Robotics located in Silicone Valley, California and was born out of an idea for a homework assignment.  Joe Augenbraun and fellow student (and Neato co-founder) JB Gomez teamed up for an assignment for their Master’s program to create a business plan for a new business.  They were both interested in robotics, and wanted to move forward in the new industry of floor cleaning robots.  They set out to see what the industry had to offer, and neither were impressed with what was out there.  The first Neato was released in 2010.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Intelligent Robot Vacuum

The goal behind the Neato was to create an intelligent robot vacuum that could do a household chore just as logically as a human can, but they also wanted it to be a powerful cleaning machine.  The ultimate plan was, and still is, to free everyone from the chore of household cleaning since everyone has better things to do.

The Neato is designed as a formidable vacuum, not just a sweeper that is more typical in a vacuum robot.  It is also extremely intelligent with the avoidance of obstacles and pets.  What is even more impressive is that it actually takes care of its own charging.  When it senses a low battery it will bring itself to its base to recharge.  Once it is recharged it will return to cleaning at the very spot it left off. This is an amazing feature to me!

Designed For Allergy Sufferers And Pet Owners

It is easy to schedule, so you can have the Neato clean as little or as much as you want it to.  Also, it is specifically designed for allergy suffers and pet owners with it’s two system process, including a filter that can pick up mold, spores, cat and dog dander, dust mites, pollen, textile and carpet fibers down to 3 microns in size.

Do you want a Neato to take care of one your household chores?  You can buy it at most retailers, including Amazon, Target, Walmart, Best Buy, and more.  For more information and to see a complete list of stores for purchasing, visit Neato Robotics.