Before I tell you about my awesome International Delight Coffe Klatch experience, I want to make sure you see the button on the left inviting you to the International Delight Iced Coffee Hour at 1 PM EST on February 9th. It is right about nap time, so lay the kiddos down, put on a movie for the older ones to watch and get your party on with @RebeccaEParsons, @LaurenRodkin, and @MonicaJohnson – Tweet Style! Just click the button, and it will take you right to the RSVP page.

My International Delight Coffee Klatch Campaign

My husband just came home after being out a year on the road, the week before I had accepted this campaign. I was very excited to show him what my blogging world was all about, so this campaign has special meaning to me. You can see our grocery trip to Walmart at my Google Plus Album I live on coffee. I eat, breathe, and sleep coffee. I live in Florida. It is hot, even today when Mr. Groundhog say six more weeks of winter. What winter? Did I mention it is hot? So iced coffee is right up my alley, and pre-made iced coffee is even better! This means no fussing with the coffee pot at 5 am. It also means not walking to the Dunkin Donuts or cruising by the Starbucks. Can I tell you how many times I have sat there waiting for my coffee to brew without putting water in? Or coffee? Or even turning it on! Or how much money I can save by making the switch? With International Delight Coffee it is so easy, just open the screw cap and pour!
Mocha Iced Coffee

 The International Delight Coffee Klatch Progressive Party

It is really hard to gather my family and friends at short notice (meaning I need to plan months ahead of time), but I had a novel idea branching from my college days. A progressive party! If everyone could not come to me. I would gather small groups and go to them! The first mini stop in my progressive party was in Buckingham. We had gathered in the early morning to discuss the new things in our lives. Attending was David, Dannette, Betty, me and my boys. I brought over the three flavors of iced coffee, mocha, vanilla and original. Immediately, everyone picked the mocha.  I had them taste the other flavors as well, but mocha was this morning party’s favorite. Betty says it was sweet and smooth. She was really funny and kept holding up her glass posing for the picture to ask my readers if they wanted a cup! However, when I asked for a glass of mocha she told me no that was hers and I had to drink original!

International Coffee

Our next mini party was later in the day. Good thing I am a coffee lover! I partied in the afternoon with Alice, Alissa, and Bill. Guess what flavor they liked best? Mocha! I poured samples of all of the above, and vanilla was second runner up. I was worried I might not have enough mocha to make it to party number three so I cut them off and made them drink the vanilla. Sometimes a friend has to do what a friend has to do. We passed the time playing with our kids and talking about how much we love coffee. Funny how every one has a coffee story.

IcedcoffeeThe ladies are modeling the three flavors of International Coffee Iced Mocha, and below you can see Bill sulking in the corner because I took away the mocha. Bill Starbucks

Next stop the best party of all! My house with the left overs. Ha! That is pretty funny because Alice snagged the mocha and blamed it on her kids.


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