Intimates For Plus Size Women

Long, long ago I had never thought about intimates for plus size women.  Why should I?  I was 25, wore a size 6 and could buy anything off the rack at Victorias Secret.  Then the babies came and stole my skinny body and replaced it with a plus sized stranger.  Does this sound at all familiar?  If so, please keep reading because I have wonderful news for you.  If this does not sound familiar to you, then I am sticking my tongue out at you! LoL (kind of).  Of course my babies did not steal my slim body.  The unlimited amounts of chocolate, fast food and ice cream were the culprits.   Why could I not have been like my best friend who craved watermelon.

I have discovered as I am sure many women before me, that if you wear clothing in the double digits, you are destined to a life of mumu’s and granny panties.  WRONG!  There is a sassy lingerie company from the UK that has turned the plus size market on its head.  Curvy Kate should be the plus size woman’s best friend.  Curvy Kate was initially formed for the bigger busted women who was unable to find pretty bras that actually fit a gal with a bust bigger than a DD.  Over a 2 year period the staff at Curvy Kate combed for the most beautiful fabrics, the most durable wires and elastic and most importantly, the feed back from their customers.  Finally in 2009, at the Harrogate Lingerie Show, Curvy Kate made her long awaited debut.

Underwear For Curvy Women

I have spent the last 15 years buying underwear for curvy women and I am sick of it.  Apparently if you are larger than a twig, you don’t get beautiful, lacy lingerie.  Instead you get plain old underwear from the Big Girl Store that offers a wide variety of briefs in pastel colors and bras that can also be used as a huge sling-shot.  I do not know who was more excited that I was given the most beautiful lingerie I have seen in years; me or the hubster (grin).  The ladies from Curvy Kate sent me the gorgeous Emily Bra (valued at $67) and matching panties (valued at $32.00) and I felt like Cinderella getting ready for the dance.  You will have to trust me on how it looked as I am am sure you will appreciate me not posting pics of myself in the undies and bra! The materials used in the set are so beautiful and well made.  They didn’t make me feel like I was a potato sack like my other “lingerie” (and I use that term lightly).  I actually felt pretty for the first time in a long time.  I need to say a big thanks to the ladies at Curvy Kate for making me feel like a beautiful woman again.

Thank you to Curvy Kate for generously offering one luck winner their choice in color of the Emily Bra and Panties which total ($99 )

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